Monday, November 16, 2009

Reward & Recognition on a Limited Budget

Tuesday, December 15, 12 noon EST.

Provider: Webex

Just because money is tight, that doesn’t mean you should put your company’s reward and recognition efforts on hold. Don’t let a shortage of cash keep you from being generous with other forms of recognition. In many cases, non-cash rewards can be just as effective - and sometimes more so - than monetary awards.

In this webinar, Senior Consulting Partner Mark Paskowitz of The Ken Blanchard Companies will show you how to create and execute a low-cost reward program that shows people you care. While money is important, it’s not the only thing you have at your disposal when it comes to recognizing and rewarding employees. Sometimes simple things - such as a heartfelt thank-you can have the same impact. Join Mark Paskowitz and discover for yourself all of the ways that you can show your appreciation without spending a lot of money.

Some of things you’ll learn include:

1. Understanding what motivates people and how to tap into that motivation when designing a reward and recognition program

2. The importance of personalizing recognition - especially for high performers

3. The importance of “catching people doing things right”

4. The power of TRUE recognition

5. Some low-cost ideas for getting started

In a time of tight budgets, how do you find creative and effective ways of letting people know that you recognize and appreciate the work that they have been doing? Employee recognition doesn't have to be expensive. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn low-cost, creative ways to say “thank you.” You’ll be surprised at how the simplest things can say so much.