Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christian Fiction Book Buzz

Source: Library Journal


Thursday, November 19, 12noon EST.

Christian Fiction Book Buzz

It may seem simple, at first, to categorize Christian fiction. Most readers would agree that there is a core of biblically-based attitudes, values, and actions, and likely there would be very little, if any, profanity, sex or violence. Generally, Christian fiction has religious themes infused into a regular genre story. But there are as many subgenres in Christian fiction as there are in popular fiction – from cozy mysteries to legal suspense to fantasy. And readers aren’t all looking for the same message – Christian historical fiction can inform and entertain, while women’s fiction may be sought for comfort or advice.

Christian fiction gives readers characters and situations that demonstrate the growth of faith, depth and breadth of moral responsibility, the possibility of conversion and redemption, and examples of Christian living for men and women of all ages, races and cultures. Many libraries are seeing an increased demand for Christian fiction with more readers looking for inspirational and uplifting stories and finding good writing in newly discovered places, contributing to the cross-over appeal of this growing genre.

Join four leading publishers for this one hour webcast which will feature over 60 new and forthcoming titles in all Christian fiction categories for adults and young adults.


  • Susan Salley, Abingdon Press
  • Nathan Henrion, Baker Publishing Group
  • Allen Arnold, Thomas Nelson
  • Karen Watson, Tyndale House Publishers