Monday, April 29, 2013

Live Webinars for May 2013

May webinars. Go learn stuff!

May 1.  E-Government: Matching People with Jobs (ALA)

May 7.  Federal Government Information Made Easy (WSL)

May 7.  The Fiduciary Duties of Nonprofit Board Members (WSL)

May 9.  Library Learning Goes Online (AL Live)

May 9.  How Senior Friendly is Your Website (ATC) Reg Required

May 14.  Resource Sharing Best Practices (OCLC)

May 15.  Urban Fiction in Public Libraries (PLA)  $

May 15.  Building Collaborative Relationships with Your IT Dept (CSL) 

May 15.  eDiscovery Solutions [and Legal Issues] (eSchoolNews) 

May 28.  Hiring and Employing People with Disabilities (ADA Online)  

May 29.  Increasing Productivity by Securely Managing Mobility (eSchoolNews) 

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $
15 events in May.  Click the link if interested.

May 7. What's New in SF/Fantasy

May 9. Hooking Reluctant Readers with Middle Grade Series
May 14. Hot Debuts: New Names in Fiction
May 14.  Handling Challenging Situations - Part I
May 15. Planning an Adult Program on a Budget
May 21.  Handling Challenging Situations - Part II

Nebraska Library Commission
May 1. What does a Successful Internship Look Like?
May 8. Hastings Storywalk: Walk, Read, Explore
May 15. Library Planning: A Customized Program for Success
May 22.  Tech Talk with Michael Sauers

School Library Journal
May 6. College and Career Readiness with Digital Resources
May 9.  Lerner's Fall 2013 Preview
May 16.  Raise the Bar with Effective Collaborations
May 14.  Spring Reading for Growing Minds
May 21.  Common Core - Serving the CCSS and Youth
May 22.  Navigating K-3 Curriculum Objectives

Texas State Library
May 3.  MS Office Tricks
May 10. Prezi
May 17.  Wikis
May 24.  Music Fun

Apr 30.  Extending Access to e-books: New Strategies
May 7. Library as Content Creator
May 22.  Broadband Adoption Toolkit  

Wild Apricot
May 1.  Recruiting Professional Volunteers

May 8.  The Three Languages of Appreciation
May 16.  Google Grants/Free Online Advertising   
May 29.  Proposal Budgeting Basics

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Competitive Intelligence Webinar

Getting In-Depth Competitive Intelligence on Private Companies

April 30, 1:00pm EDT.

Sponsored by:  Special Libraries Association (SLA)

More often than not disruptive innovations are born behind the walls of privately held companies. Given this how do you crack the code on these companies strategies? Additionally, how do you obtain some degree of early warning about how successful these companies might be in the future?

During this talk you’ll learn about a wide range of open source intelligence (OSINT) and human intelligence techniques (HUMINT) that you can use to answer the above questions.  
OSINT Assets – what can you learn from the web that’s meaningful and what can be aggregated to produce greater insight

HUMINT Assets – who should you talk to and how do you get a hold of them effectively.

Benchmarking –  how to acquire or interact with competitor products and services in a meaningful way

We’ll also close with a discussion of the ethical considerations companies face when conducting private company research as well as what is typically in and out of bounds when conducting private company oriented research efforts.
Finally all attendees will receive a copy of one of Cascade Insights’ Framework Fight Club Handbooks.  Each handbook provides a wealth of competitive intelligence frameworks that you can use to synthesize the intelligence you’ve collected.


Presented by Sean Campbell, Cascade Insights


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Higher Education in the Ultra-Connected Age

April 25, 2013, 1:00pm EDT.

New forms of scholarship, new educational pathways, and new interconnections and dependencies characterize the digitally rich landscape of higher education today. We are living and working in an age in which connections are blends of unique relationships and new social mores, crisscrossing an eclectic panorama of technology solutions and smart devices. In today’s world, planning and delivering IT services for residential and virtual campuses entails creative reexamination of all our premises, from partnerships and collaborations, to business models and processes, to services and service delivery.

This session will define and explore the new, connected landscape we all must gingerly yet strategically navigate. It also will examine how traditional higher education, whether large research or small liberal arts, should be adapting to the opportunities and challenges presented by the ubiquity and pervasiveness of connectivity.


Responding to Library Materials Challenges

Defend the Freedom to Read: Reporting Challenges 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013, 2:00pm

Join ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom for this interactive webinar discussing challenges: formal requests that materials in libraries and schools be removed due to their content or appropriateness. We’ll discuss the current state of challenges – what’s causing controversy right now – and talk about ALA’s efforts to document as many challenges as possible in order to raise awareness about this fundamental intellectual freedom issue. Attendees will learn about the resources and support ALA can offer when libraries are preparing for or responding to challenges. Whether you’re a veteran intellectual freedom fighter or a newbie, this webinar will provide you with information and ideas to help advocate for the freedom to read in your community.