Monday, November 30, 2009

December Webinars

The world of training doesn't slow down for the holidays. We have info on 26 webinars available to you in December (and that's without anything happening the last two weeks of the month!).

NOTE: I have begun using a [Month] [Year] label for all live webinars. This way you can visit the site and choose the label for a specific month to see any additional webinars that were added before, and after, this master list.


The Accidental Marketing Manager (AMA)

December 2, 12noon EST.

When you suddenly find yourself responsible for marketing but are unfamiliar with how to make it happen, you’re an accidental marketing manager. The good news is that you can achieve success without being an expert in the subtleties of marketing — you just need to understand some key time-tested concepts and have access to some sage insight as a guide. This Webcast delivers a wealth of practical, no-nonsense advice that will help you keep do more than just keep things running smoothly. By attending you’ll discover the “secrets” of marketing, branding and advertising that no one ever teaches—wisdom that will help you make meaningful decisions with confidence.

Running a Virtual Meeting (OPAL)
December 2, 12noon EST.

As the cost of gas rises and travel time eats into our workdays, and as new technology opens new possibilities for meeting at a distance, librarians are learning how to lead and facilitate meetings that are not face-to-face. Have these new meeting technologies gotten ahead of the human factors? What still works? What needs to be reinvented? What's best avoided? Carolyn Caywood and Nicole McGee will present and facilitate the discussion.

Confessions of a Public Speaker (O’Reilly Media)

December 2, 1:00pm EST

For leaders, managers and anyone who speaks and expects someone to listen, Scott Berkun shares an insider's perspective on how to effectively present ideas to anyone. Loosely based on his third book, Confessions of a Public Speaker, this fun, interactive webcast brings you lively lessons and insightful confessions, giving you new insights into the art of persuasion--as well as teaching and learning--directly from a master of the trade.

Library Computer Networking Q&A (WebJunction)
December 2, 2:00pm EST.

WebJunction and TechSoup for Libraries are teaming up to bring you a panel of library technology experts to field your questions in a "Car Talk" fashion that's sure to be informative and fun! The expert panel includes: Robert Williams, Technology Consultant at the South Texas Library System; Chris Jowaisas Library Systems Grants Administrator of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission; Monica M. Schultz, IT Director at the Peninsula Library System; And moderated by TechSoup's Stephanie Gerding

You want me to select for WHAT? (ALCTS) ($)

December 2, 2:00pm EST.

Librarians are often assigned collection development responsibilities in unfamiliar subject areas, then struggle to learn about new subjects, assess local needs, and identify major publishers. Even experienced selectors can find a new subject daunting. This presentation will suggest strategies and resources for learning about unfamiliar subjects when assigned selection responsibilities, using examples from the presenter’s experience as a selector and working with new selectors.

Big Impact Online Fundraising (Common Knowledge)

December 2, 2:30pm EST.

Internet-based fundraising is the fastest growing channel for nonprofits – even during this down economy. Join us for a unique look at online fundraising, starting with the basics and quickly moving into a look at a host of clever new tips, tactics, campaigns and programs that demonstrate why successful online fundraising is all about innovation.

Twitter for NonProfits (Common Knowledge)

December 3, 2:30pm EST.

Twitter is the fastest growing social media platform in the world. The latest statistics indicate that more than 50 million people (and thousands of nonprofits) are using this rapidly evolving platform for communications, collaboration, marketing, customer service, advocacy, market research and fundraising.

Using real-world case studies, we'll explore this intriguing ecosystem - demonstrating how it works, how nonprofits are using it, and seven tips for building a big community on Twitter for your organization. We’ll check out nonprofit case studies of organizations who are using Twitter successfully for acquisition, cultivation, advocacy and fundraising.

Staff Day Success! Tips for Planning, Delivering, and Evaluating All-Staff Events (Infopeople)
December 3, 3:00pm EST.

Are you involved with planning and implementing an all-staff event at your library? Thinking about a staff day and wondering about the next steps? A staff day may be a regularly scheduled opportunity for team building and morale boosting or may be a day specifically scheduled because of a building program, planning process or other shift in strategic directions.

Join presenter Mary Ross - who has planned and implemented numerous all-staff events, as well as library-related conferences, workshops and training-as she shares tips, tricks and strategies for success. You'll be able to tackle the challenges in planning and delivering an all-staff event, resulting in a day that is valuable to and celebrates the value of all employees.

Implementing Social Media: Beyond the Hype (Elluminate)

December 2, 4:00pm EST.

It seems everyone wants to get into social media these days. And, organizations are no different. But, the truth is that simply having the social media available is no guarantee it will be used. And, even if it is used, merely having it is no guarantee that it will deliver the business impact envisioned. In order to get beyond the hype and be truly successful, you have three main challenges - none of them having to do with the technology itself. First, you have to sell it to upper management who are often neither comfortable with it not well versed in it's use. Second, you have to gain the support of middle management who are most directly responsible for creating the environment for it to thrive. And, third you have to generate enthusiasm broadly across the workforce, at all generational levels.

LSTA Grant Webinars (State Library of Florida)

December 7, 2:00pm EST.

The State Library and Archives of Florida is pleased to announce a series of online workshops that will assist eligible agencies with the preparation of Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grants for the 2010 application cycle. These workshops are provided free of charge and are intended to help with the grant writing process for LSTA grants.

Note: For Florida Library Staff Only

Educational Webinars: What you need to Know (Adobe)
December 8, 1:00pm EST.

Ken Molay, president of Webinar Success, takes you through the use of webinars for training and education. You will have a chance to learn whether web-based training is right for your needs, and how it can coexist with traditional in-room training techniques. Find out about features of web conferencing that support educational requirements and how you can take advantage of them to create innovative and effective online courses.

Educating And Engaging Employees In A Right-Brain World (Elluminate)

December 8, 2:00pm EST.

A complex change has occurred in our business world. We’ve moved from an economy built on logical and linear capabilities – an Information Age - to an economy that is increasingly intuitive, creative and holistic. In this new “Conceptual Age”, employees need big-picture thinking and a capacity to detect patterns and opportunities. They need to tap into their inventive, empathetic, right-brain abilities.

In this thought-provoking webinar, you will learn how and why our business world has shifted, how new learning approaches can harness the right-brain capabilities of our workforce, and how one forward-thinking company has begun to employ these approaches to engage, energize and educate employees. Featured Speaker: Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind.

Connecting Kids with Great Websites (OPAL)
December 8, 8:00pm EST.

Learn how to find, evaluate and use Web sites for kids! This presentation features the chairs of the ALSC Great Web Sites for Kids Committee who evaluate 100s of sites every year to find fun and educational tools for children and families. They'll show you what the committee does to come up with their widely used "Great Web Sites for Kids" list and how you can incorporate these resources into your library programming.

From Libraries to Lifebraries (SirsiDynix)
December 9, 1:00pm EST.

As libraries continue to evolve to meet customers' needs in a rapidly changing culture, the concern over the future of print and the "book" remains core to their existence. However, in looking at current trends, there is evidence to suggest otherwise. The future of libraries may not be dependent on the creation or evolution of new service delivery models based upon the book, it may actually reside in something more "deeply local." Join Helene Blowers in a lively conversation about "new life" opportunities for libraries. As old formats and service models decline, there's a new phoenix rising from the shadows.

Virtual Training World + Stephen Covey (Training Magazine)
December 10, 10:00am - 6:00pm EST.

Join Training magazine on December 10th for Virtual Training World to network with your peers, visit virtual booths, and hear live, online presentations from learning leaders-including international authority on leadership Stephen R. Covey-all from the convenience of your desktop. Includes 4 webinars.

Integrated Library Systems: Open Source and Customization (WebJunction)
December 10, 12noon EST.

Please join us on December 10th for a discussion of Integrated Library Systems (ILSs) and the trend toward customizability through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) with library systems expert Marshall Breeding and representatives from leading vendors in the field. We'll discuss new features and capabilities available in the most modern library software, and what it really means for these tools to be "customizable." This event will coincide with the publication of Marshall Breeding's December 2009 issue of Library Technology Reports and is presented in collaboration with ALA TechSource.

The New Wave of eLearning Technologies (Adobe)
December 10, 1:00pm EST.

eLearning has come a long way since the start of the internet age. The original 28.8K modem speeds only allowed for text and static clip art based e-learning which was not very engaging to the end user. Fast forward to today when people can watch full motion video content on handheld devices via 3G broadband mobile networks. This opens up the ability to deploy very engaging media for eLearning over a broad array of devices.

Many people are using videogames and related programs and becoming accustomed to very interactive and engaging screen content. eLearning developed today must meet those expectations. This session will cover the new delivery platforms and show examples of eLearning deployed on each.

Writing a Library Behavior Code (Infopeople)
December 10, 3:00pm EST.

This webinar will benefit participants by helping them draft legally enforceable behavior codes. It offers guidance on reasonable behavior rules, distinguished from restrictions on user's free speech rights. What type of notice must the library give its users about its behavior policies? When is an appeals process required, and what should it entail? The webinar also looks at the emerging issue of library user behavior at library spaces online in chat, text, blog comments as well as third party spaces like library myspace and flickr pages. Speaker: Mary Minow.

Proposal Writing Basics (Foundation Center)

December 10, 3:00pm EST.

In this webinar you will learn the basics of writing a proposal for your nonprofit organization. If you are new to proposal writing, you may be wondering:

  • What are the key components of a proposal to a foundation or corporation?
  • Who should sign a grant request?
  • How should the proposal be packaged?
  • Should you contact a funder if your proposal is turned down?

Note: This course is also offered in Spanish.

Reward & Recognition on a Limited Budget (Webex)

December 15, 12noon EST.

Just because money is tight, that doesn’t mean you should put your company’s reward and recognition efforts on hold. Don’t let a shortage of cash keep you from being generous with other forms of recognition. In many cases, non-cash rewards can be just as effective - and sometimes more so - than monetary awards.

In this webinar, Senior Consulting Partner Mark Paskowitz of The Ken Blanchard Companies will show you how to create and execute a low-cost reward program that shows people you care. While money is important, it’s not the only thing you have at your disposal when it comes to recognizing and rewarding employees. Sometimes simple things - such as a heartfelt thank-you can have the same impact. Join Mark Paskowitz and discover for yourself all of the ways that you can show your appreciation without spending a lot of money.

Communication Etiquette For Professionals (Elluminate)

December 15, 1:00pm EST.

Having strong communication skills – written, verbal and in the use of technology – is one of the keys to business success.

During this webinar, Anna Post, great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post, spokesperson and author for The Emily Post Institute, will highlight how training professionals can better build and strengthen relationships through the use of consideration, respect and honesty when communicating with trainees, colleagues, clients and total strangers.

FiLBeRt Roundtable Discussion: The Future of Libraries, Books, and Reading (OPAL)

December 16, 2:00pm EST.

The shared futures of libraries, books, and reading seem very hazy at present. Join us for a monthly, lively, informal discussion of new developments, challenges, and opportunities. It'll be a roundtable, so everyone is welcome to chime in. If it's a FiLBeRt discussion, it's going to be nutty!

Social Networking for Higher Education (Common Knowledge)

December 16, 2:30pm EST.

In this ground-breaking session we'll highlight leading institutions who are leveraging social networking for events, fundraising, volunteering, student recruiting, and alumni development. Using real-world case studies we'll analyze successful programs and highlight strategies and best practices. We'll check out examples using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and house networks (i.e. online communities on the institution’s web site).