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Live Webinars: May 2010

The monthly list of live webinars. (It's like good news that can't travel fast enough.)


George and Joan on Successful Middle Management (Infopeople)

May 4, 3:00pm EDT.

In all but the smallest institutions, middle managers—department heads, branch managers, project coordinators, team leaders, and committee chairs—hold the key to whether a library will be successful in realizing its vision. They are the conduits of day-to-day information, they help other staff understand how they fit into the overall direction of the library, and they facilitate the implementation of the library's plans. Without strong middle management, even the most elegantly crafted strategy is likely to get sidetracked. This webinar will clarify the role and responsibilities of the middle manager and describe techniques that will allow you to be more effective in your work.

Collection Development in the Age of the Virtual Law Firm Library (AALL) $

May 5, 11:00am EDT.

The current economic downturn combined with the increased cost of real estate has accelerated the demise of the print law firm library collection. How do you create an effective collection development policy that reflects print and digital media? This webinar addresses some of the challenges and opportunities necessary to maintain an appropriate mix of print and digital resources to support your firm's 21st century practice.

The Myths and Truths of Managing Generation Y Employees

May 5, 12:00pm EDT.

The Millennial generation has arrived, and they've brought with them a new attitude. To manage them effectively, you need to understand their wants, needs, and what motivates them to perform well. It's time to focus on ideas and optimism and learning. It will help your career and your personal life, and on the way, you'll stop having trouble with younger workers.

Accidental Leadership with George Needham (WebJunction)

May 5, 2:00pm EDT.

Leadership may not be something every library staff member aspires to, but in many cases, leadership is thrust upon the accidental leader unexpectedly. How do you find the internal and external resources you need to lead? What do you do when you’re younger than the people you are supposed to lead? How do you exercise authority without becoming either a tyrant or a pushover? Drawing on nearly 40 years of library experience, George will present some anecdotes, some strategies, some practical advice, and, hopefully, a few laughs as he explores this deeply personal subject.

The ABC's of Webinars (ConferTel)

May 5, 2:00pm EDT.

Webinars have become a universal method for delivering education & training programs as well as generating sales leads – and you need to know how they work and what is involved in making them a success. You will learn; each step in the delivery process, tips to dramatically increase attendance, the key to generating revenue with no up-front costs or risk, and the #1 guarded secret about webinars. You will get a free step-by-step webinar checklist and Q&A time.

Collaborate with Wikis (TechSoup)

May 5, 2:00pm EDT.

Looking for a way for your community members to contribute information to an online collective database? Why not consider a wiki? A wiki is a website that allows multiple contributors to easily add, edit, and contribute content, images, web links, and more. Wikis are specifically designed for collaborative editing and are used as public websites, for personal note taking, in corporate intranets, and for knowledge management systems. This will be an introductory webinar; any organization who is interested in learning more about wikis is welcome to join.

Crime Fiction: Past and Present (Booklist)

May 6, 2:00pm EDT.

Need help tracking down the best crime fiction titles for collection development or readers’ advisory? Join us for an informative hour-long webinar, moderated by Booklist Online senior editor Keir Graff, as David Wright of the Seattle Public Library, Edwin Buckhalter of Severn House Publishers, Talia Sherer of Macmillan Publishing, and Jessica Tribble of Poisoned Pen Press discuss all things mystery, from little-known gems of the genre to today’s newest trends and titles. Mysteries—solved!

Greening Interlibrary Loan (OCLC)

May 6, 2:00pm EDT.

All who share an interest in reducing the environmental impact of interlibrary loan operations are invited to attend this webinar in which Dennis Massie, OCLC Research program officer and author of the upcoming report, Greening ILL Practices, will discuss a study of current resource sharing practices recently undertaken by a team of environmental impact consultants. Utilizing data provided by OCLC and gathered during interviews with staff at a dozen US libraries, the consultants were able to correlate specific interlending practices with measurable impacts on greenhouse gas emission levels. Dennis will discuss the key recommendations indicated by the data and share best practices already in place at several participant libraries.

Archival 101: Dealing with Suppliers of Archival Products (ALA)

May 11, 2:00pm EDT.

Do you need to purchase archival supplies for your organization or even yourself? Are you confused by the terminology and not sure about what the differences between the various vendors are? Not finding exactly what you are looking for and unsure about adapting different products? Archival 101 is designed to demystify the archival product market for the layperson and non-preservation specialist. The presentation will provide an overview of the conservation and preservation issues facing libraries, cultural organizations, and individuals, describe the terminology in use, discuss products and offer buying tips on the different ways these can be used. A list of links to other resources will also be provided. Archival 101 is designed for individuals with little or no experience and will also provide the more experienced user with helpful hints.

Improving Physical Delivery of Library Resources (NISO) $

May 12, 1:00pm EDT.

Many users assume that most information today is digital. As digital content increases, so does the information resources that are produced, consumed, and distributed in physical formats. Resource sharing of physical formats—whether books, DVDs, CDs, or audiocassettes—continues to play an important role in library services. Moving library materials between libraries has been a hidden component of resource sharing activities.

Numerous activities have focused on improving resource sharing workflow, but little attention has been paid to how materials are moved from one library to another, and from a library directly to a patron (e.g., to a home or office). The issues around how to deliver library materials quickly, securely, and cost-effectively are equally immense. What are the best ways to provide physical delivery of library materials?

Disaster Preparedness and Planning (ALCTS) $

May 12, 2:00pm EDT.

Are you prepared for a disaster to your collection? According to the Heritage Health Index Report issued by Heritage Preservation in partnership with the Institute of Museum and Library Services, 78 percent of us are not prepared, putting over 1.6 billion items at risk in our libraries in the U.S. Learn about the fundamentals of emergency planning which include identifying key players, assessing risks, establishing collection priorities, and other preparations for protection of your collections.

Twitter for Special Libraries (SLA) $

May 12, 1:00pm EDT.

Twitter, the popular micro-blogging social network is a great interactive tool for engaging library patrons in a real-time and mobile medium. Its skyrocketing popularity, strong and flexible features, and expanding role in the world of information make Twitter a fabulous tool for enhancing and expanding library services and collections. In this session, speaker Joe Murphy will present all the basic skills for implementing and supporting cutting edge services with this emerging mobile and social technology.

Assistive Technology and Accessibility Working Together
(ADA Online)

May 12, 2:00pm EDT.

This webinar session is an overview of accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, specifically Assistive Technology. It will highlight how assistive and accessible technology work together to create a successful working environment for people with disabilities.

How to Create No Lecture Webinars

May 12, 2:00pm EDT.

Webinars are great. They save time and accelerate learning. However, boring lectures kill webinars. Most webinars are extensions of talking heads clicking their PowerPoints to death. No wonder many learners multi-task and drop out. In this webinar we will share both proven and test methods and tactics to avoid 100% lecture webinars and truly engage your learners in stimulating and mind-capturing learning experiences.

Mold Prevention and Remediation (ALA)

May 13, 2:00pm EDT.

This webinar will introduce attendees to the basic types of mold, and describe the environmental conditions that promote mold growth in home and library collections. Prevention as well as remediation should mold growth occur will be covered. This webinar is geared to participants with little experience, but with lots of questions and concerns.

Building the Participatory Library
(ALA TechSource)

May 13, 3:00pm EDT.

Web 2.0 technologies are often a short spark rather than a slow burn. The same is true of institutions like libraries when they take the initiative in implementing these technologies are part of their online presence. While there are certainly libraries that have been successful in implementing blogs or a presence on Facebook, the web is littered with inactive library blogs, lifeless virtual library community and Facebook pages that are out-of-date.
Speakers: Meredith Farkas and John Blyberg.

Helping Your Patrons Help Themselves (BCR)

May 14, 12:00pm EDT.

This hour long talk will explore a few ways you can help members of your community who find themselves out of work or just looking to better their financial situation. We’ll briefly discuss programming possibilities, a few free technologies that can be of great benefit to job-seekers, and some smart ways to supplement cash flow and manage money.

The American Public Benefits from Library Internet Access

May 18, 1:00pm EDT.

The University of Washington recently completed a nationwide study of public access computing in public libraries across the United States. The results of this study are available to all libraries, and can provide a powerful supplement to locally collected data to show community impact from these services. One of the outcomes from the study are a set of indicators that libraries can use to track their own impact from public access technology and also to evaluate policy changes overtime and as part of systematic evaluation of public access technology services.

Trends in Teen Lit: The Independent View (Booklist)

May 18, 2:00pm EDT.

Young adult literature continues to be one of the most exciting and evolving areas in the publishing world. In this hourlong webinar, moderated by Gillian Engberg, Booklist>’s Young Adult Books Editor, you’ll hear about new trends in teen books from author and Booklist columnist Michael Cart and three independent publishers: Melissa Wood of Sourcebooks, Andrew Wooldridge of Orca Book Publishers, and Rick Wilks and Susan Shipton of Annick Press. Join us for an informative hour that will surely give you fresh perspectives on new books for eager and reluctant teen readers alike.

Cloud Computing and Security (O'Reilly)

May 19, 1:00pm EDT.

Security is considered the primary barrier to cloud computing adoption. Therefore, focusing attention toward minimizing security risks offers the potential for increasing cloud computing adoption. This one-hour presentation will offer a framework to analyze security issues, and present a set of best practices toward implementing security in cloud-based applications.

Planning Your First Webinar (ConferTel)

May 19, 2:00pm EDT.

This seminar is appropriate for those wanting a basic understanding of the mechanics of delivering a webinar. It is valuable for those considering using webinars to deliver educational programming and for those just getting started with webinars as a new marketing channel. Each attendee will receive a free "Planning a Successful Webinar" eKit.

Digital Photo Management in Libraries (Infopeople)

May 19, 3:00pm EDT.

Have digital photos? Now what? Discover online management services that can make organizing photo collections easier and learn about free web-based photo editing tools that can help you to fix those not-quite-right pics. Get direct comparisons of these tools that can help you decide which are best for your needs or your library.

Innovation Symposium (OCLC)

May 20, 1:00pm - 4:00pm EDT.

"The Future is Mobile, is Your Library Ready?" Numerous Speakers and Panelists.

The Economics of Sustaining Digital Information (OCLC)

May 20, 2:00pm EDT.

In this webinar, OCLC research scientist Brian Lavoie will talk about the economic challenges of long-term digital preservation, based on the work of the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access (which he co-chaired). Brian will discuss the findings and recommendations from the Task Force’s recently-published final report Sustainable Economics for a Digital Planet, and also provide a report on the discussion which took place at the April 1 symposium, A National Conversation on the Economic Sustainability of Digital Information.
The goal of this webinar is to update participants on the latest thinking on building economically sustainable digital preservation activities.

VIPs: Why You Need Them for Advocacy (YALSA) $

May 20, 2:00pm EDT.

Join Karen Keys who will explore how librarians and library workers can help grow their library program by improving communication and developing professional relationships with local town councilors, school board members, Chamber of Commerce members, etc. These folks are the movers and shakers in your community and it’s important that you reach out to them regularly and educate them about the critical role libraries play in helping your community thrive. Cultivating relationships to help your library meet its mission is critically important in the current economic climate.

Leading with Cultural Intelligence (AMA)

May 26, 12:00pm EDT.

Cultural intelligence (CQ) is your capability to function effectively across a variety of cultures without becoming an expert in all the norms of the various cultures. In a nutshell, CQ helps you develop an overall repertoire and perspective that results in more effective leadership in multicultural situations. This webcast introduces some of the seminal research on cultural intelligence and examines specific insights and implications for CQ in business management.

Service to Spanish Speakers (WebJunction)

May 26, 1:00pm EDT.

Now more than ever, programs for Spanish speakers at libraries around the country are seeing record attendance and positive feedback from participants. Find out how your outreach efforts and your community can help position the *library as critical* in the eyes of stakeholders and decision makers. Come hear practical, successful examples of library services targeted to new immigrants, including English Language Learning (ELL), computer instruction, children’s concurrent programming, Life Skills workshops and resources, GED workshops, family literacy programming, and how to successfully communicate with library decision-makers, staff, community leaders and officials.

Linked Data (OCLC)

May 27, 2:00pm EDT.

OCLC is exposing the VIAF data as Linked Data. What does that mean? Topics to be discussed will include Real World Objects, Generic Documents, Content Negotiation and RDF. We’ll probably throw a little RSS in to lighten your day. We’ll also discuss the Open Source infrastructure we use to make this happen and which you can use to expose data in a text database like Lucene.

The Blended Librarians e-Learning Series (ACRL) $
  • Design Thinking Your Way to Information Literacy Innovation (May 25, 2010)
  • Promoting Information Literacy through a Better Designed Library User Experience (June 10, 2010)
  • The Blended Librarian’s Approach to Rethinking Instruction and Redesigning the Information Literacy Initiative (July 8, 2010)

Library Journal: May Webinars
  • 24/7 Reader's Advisory (May 18)
  • Changing Role of Media Specialists with Classroom Technology (May 13 )
  • Federated Search, Web-Scale Discovery, Next-Gen Catalog, etc. (May 6 )
  • Reference: The Missing Link in Discovery (May 11 )
  • Video in the Library: Trends and Best Practices (May 4)

Online Conferences: May 2010 (Day long events)

May 11 - Trendy Topics: eBooks and Audiobooks Register ($)

May 12 - Innovation for Libraries in the 21st Century ($)

May 14 - Very Important Paraprofessional Conference ($)


Monday, April 26, 2010

OCLC Webinar: Mobile Application Development

Thursday, April 29, 2:00pm EST.

The landscape is changing rapidly for Mobile application development. While some libraries, archives and museums were early adopters or have recently launched mobile ventures, others are still weighing their options. In this webinar, OCLC Research consulting software engineer Bruce Washburn will provide a brief update on current conditions, discuss choices to be made between "native" and Web mobile application development paths, look at some recent efforts, and consider the impact our mobile apps might have now and in the near term.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Upcoming Infopeople Events

Infopeople has the following upcoming webinars:

  • Religion and Public Libraries: Do You Dewey 200
  • George and Joan on Successful Middle Management
  • Digital Photo Management for Libraries
  • Creating Inviting Low Cost Teen Spaces
For more information and to Register.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Webex "Pass the Ball" Archive

Webex is now providing an archive to some of the prominent speakers they have hosted in the past year. Each webinar is 1 hour in length and features:

  • Alice Waters
  • Richard Branson
  • Chris Anderson
  • Tom Brokaw
  • Joe Flowers
  • Steve Wozniak
  • Ken Blanchard

Pass the Ball Archives

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inventory 101: Secrets to a Hassle-Free Inventory

Thursday, April 29, 3:30pm - 4:00pm EST.

The end of the school year is right around the corner and inventory time is approaching! Ready to discover some handy tips to make the process easier and the results more worthwhile? Attend the next free Capstone Presents webinar on April 29.

Patricia Franklin and Claire Stephens, authors of Library 101 and long-time media specialists are ready to share their inventory secrets in this free 30 minute webinar. Whether you are new to the library or an inventory veteran, you'll discover time-saving hints and handy tools.

As a special thank you gift, attendees will receive a special code to receive 1500 bonus points to their Capstone Rewards account. Capstone Rewards is an exclusive, free program that lets members earn points toward free books with every Capstone book purchase. Not a member yet? Sign up for free at

P.S. If you can't attend the live webinar, registering will ensure that you receive an automatic notification when the archived version is ready to view.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Upcoming Library Journal Webinars

Library Journal has added four new webinars to its May calendar.

  • Changing Role of Media Specialists with Classroom Technology
  • Federated Search, Web-Scale Discovery, Next-Gen Catalog, etc.
  • Reference: The Missing Link in Discovery
  • Video in the Library: Trends and Best Practices
For more information and to Register.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Google Apps: A Community Discussion

Thursday, April 22, 1:00pm EST.

The Google Apps hosted e-mail solution continues to draw a great deal of interest from higher-education institutions. A recent informally planned conference call with a few interested institutions snowballed into a web conference with over a hundred institutions attending. Ted Fines and David Sisk will focus on Macalester's experience with Google over the past two years of integrating, maintaining, and supporting Google Apps for their user community, with some analysis of why there is such high interest in Google's hosted solution.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Going Green Can Save You Green

Tuesday, April 20, 4:00pm EST.

Provider: Office Depot

  • What is green and shades of green
  • How to tap into the growing marketplace of green buyers
  • Small business growth and savings by going green-case studies

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ebooks and Audiobooks: Online Conference

Tuesday, May 11, Day Long (Times TBA).

Alliance Library System and TAP Information Services are pleased to announce the fourth in a dynamic monthly series of online workshops librarians can enjoy right at their desktops on hot topics. The latest conference on Ebooks and Audiobooks is scheduled for May 11.

Tom Peters of TAP Information Services is the keynote speaker. He will speak on “Portable Ereading: Prospects and Possibilities.” He will talk about the portable reading of ebooks and digital audiobooks and how they are transforming the way people read.

Other speakers for this day-long conference include:

  • Tony Bandy, Library Knowledge on “Ebooks, Google Books and your Library: Implementing Google’s Digital Resources on the Local Level”
  • Michele Cobb, Audio Publisher’s Association on “The World of Downloadable Digital Audiobooks”
  • Kathy Lussier, Massachusetts Network Library Collaborative on “Ebooks in the Library”
  • Karen Coyle, Consultant on “The Book”
  • A conversation with Overdrive
Register ($)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Improving Physical Delivery of Library Resources

Wednesday, May 12, 1:00pm EST.

Many users assume that most information today is digital. As digital content increases, so does the information resources that are produced, consumed, and distributed in physical formats. Resource sharing of physical formats—whether books, DVDs, CDs, or audiocassettes—continues to play an important role in library services. Moving library materials between libraries has been a hidden component of resource sharing activities.

Numerous activities have focused on improving resource sharing workflow, but little attention has been paid to how materials are moved from one library to another, and from a library directly to a patron (e.g., to a home or office). The issues around how to deliver library materials quickly, securely, and cost-effectively are equally immense. What are the best ways to provide physical delivery of library materials?

In this webinar you will hear from three speakers. The first speaker will first provide an overview of library delivery services today; the second speaker will discuss the charge, current work plan and emerging recommended practices of NISO’s Physical Delivery of Library Resources Working Group; and the final speaker will talk about efforts to provide a delivery service directly to library patrons.

Register ($)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Engage Members with Virtual Events

Tuesday, April 13, 2:00pm EST.

Do you communicate with your association members using web conferencing? Are you thinking about adding webinars to your mix? I’ll be giving a free web seminar with tips and tricks to make sure you capture and engage your audience’s attention before, during, and after your online event.

Although I’ll be framing my material in the context of associations and their members, you should be able to use the concepts for any web event broadcast to a target audience, so don’t be shy about signing up.

KRM Information Services is hosting the webinar and they have asked me to also spend time talking about the integration of social media such as Twitter and Facebook with webinar production and delivery. I don’t usually spend much time commenting on that aspect of our increasingly connected business world, so don’t miss this chance to ask your questions about the impact of external communication channels on web conferencing.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

International Children's Digital Library

Monday, April 26, 6:30pm EST.

This webinar will explore The International Digital Children's Library and discuss several educational uses of this fantastic free online library of digitized children's books. The IDCL is available in many languages from various countries. Children can search for books by location, color, length, intended age group, content type, and emotional quality.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Using the Media for Library Advocacy

Monday, April 19, 4:00pm EST.

The media can be a powerful ally in promoting your library’s cause. Join the ALA Washington Office for our top techniques for utilizing the media for advocacy. We’ll look at options for finding media outlets, building relationships with reporters, identifying a hook for news stories and becoming the “go to source” on library-related issues. We’ll also consider appropriate practices for the different media venues, including print, TV, Radio and the Internet and provide real world examples of each. Come prepared to tell your message to the world through the media!