Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Luminary Series by Adobe

Educational Webinars: What you need to Know
Tuesday, December 8, 1:00pm EST.

Ken Molay, president of Webinar Success, takes you through the use of webinars for training and education. You will have a chance to learn whether web-based training is right for your needs, and how it can coexist with traditional in-room training techniques. Find out about features of web conferencing that support educational requirements and how you can take advantage of them to create innovative and effective online courses.

This seminar is appropriate for trainers, educators or sales enablement professionals. A live question and answer session will let you focus on the issues of most importance and benefit to your organization.

You will Learn

  • Advantages and disadvantages of educational webinars versus local training
  • Factors to consider when selecting technology
  • How to benefit from unique features of web conferencing
  • What types of training work best in webinars and what you should avoid
  • Ways to interact with students in a remote environment

The New Wave of eLearning Technologies
Thursday, December 10, 1:00pm EST.

eLearning has come a long way since the start of the internet age. The original 28.8K modem speeds only allowed for text and static clip art based e-learning which was not very engaging to the end user. Fast forward to today when people can watch full motion video content on handheld devices via 3G broadband mobile networks. This opens up the ability to deploy very engaging media for eLearning over a broad array of devices. It also allows for immersive "3D" websites such as Second Life where a person can transform into an on screen "avatar" and interact within a realistic online 3D environment in real time along with other "avatars" (people) from around the world. Many people are using videogames and related programs and becoming accustomed to very interactive and engaging screen content. eLearning developed today must meet those expectations. This session will cover the new delivery platforms and show examples of eLearning deployed on each.