Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Live Webinars for October 2011

October webinars. Go learn stuff!

Oct 4.  Transforming Libraries Through Weeding (Library Journal)

Oct 4.  Cybersecurity as a Shared Responsibility (Educause)

Oct 5.  Nonfiction can be Fun (School Library Journal)

Oct 6.  XML Document Best Practices (Adobe)

Oct 6.  Troubleshooting Windows Update and Service Pack Problems (O'Reilly)

Oct 13.  Social Media for Volunteer Recruitment and Retention (Volunteer Match)

Oct 18.  Making Technology Manageable to Drive Results (eSchool News)

Oct 19.  The Art of Collaborative Teaming (AMA)

Oct 19.  Mobile First (O'Reilly)

Oct 25.  Preventing and Responding to CyberBullying (Online Book Club. Reg Required.)

Oct 25.  Conducting a Technical Interview (O'Reilly)

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $
Oct 4.   Service Learning and Information Literacy
Oct 5.   The CONSER Standard Record
Oct 5.   Newberry and Caldecott Mock Elections Toolkit 
Oct 6.   Preschool Programming that makes sense for Kids with Autism
Oct 12.  Constructing the Future Library: Architectural and Digital Considerations
Oct 19.  RDA Basics: Scores
Oct 20.  Making QR Codes work for your Library
Oct 25.  PLA Intro to eBooks
Oct 25.  Embedded Librarians:  Information Literacy at the Point of Need
Oct 26.  RDA Basics: Sound Recordings
Oct 26.  Online Tools for Spanish Speakers

Oct 4.  New Cookbooks for the Library
Oct 7.   National Reading Group Month
Oct 11.  Common Core Standards for Youth Librarians
Oct 18.  What's New in Reference: Fall 2011
Oct 25.  What's New in Audiobooks: Fall 2011

Oct 5. Building a Culture of Creativity and Innovation in Libraries
Oct 12.  Using Smartphones as a Marketing and Programming Tool
Oct 18. Library Support Staff Certification: An Introduction
Oct 20.  Technology and Health 2.0

Oct 7.  Google Search
Oct 14.  Google Places
Oct 18.  Marketing Technology to Latinos
Oct 21.  Mixing in Math
Oct 28.  Foursquare
Nov 1.  Getting to Know your Latino Communities

Oct 19.  Innovative Use of Skill-based Volunteers in Public Libraries
Oct 25.  Teaming Up with Teens @ Your Library
Oct 27.  Highlights from Project Compass

Oct 4.  Reasons to Love and Use E-mail Marketing
Oct 5.  What is a Brand and Why Does It Matter? 
Oct 6.  Successful Volunteer Interview Strategies  
Oct 12.  Handling Difficult Conversations 
Oct 25.  How to Engage your Customers with your Website

Ebook Summit.  Full day Online Conference.  Oct 12.  Sponsored by LJ.  $

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