Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two more October Webinars

RDA is the new cataloging standard developed to replace AACR2. Susan Wynne from the University of Wyoming will examine the major differences, view RDA records, discuss the status of implementation plans in U.S. libraries, and consider RDA’s possible effects on catalogers, public services, and users.

Public libraries now confront formidable challenges.  The digital transformation of all media affects our resources, services, staff and programs, while changes in users and their needs, the growth of competitive Internet services, and financial stringencies add complexity.  

A range of possible responses will be presented as contrasting visions: physical vs. virtual library; individual vs. community focus; portal vs. archive service; collection vs. creative approach.  

Join us to hear about this new report from ALA’s Office for Information Technology Policy.  This session features the report’s author Dr. Roger Levien, OITP Fellow.  Perspectives from the field will be provided by Maxine Bleiweis, Westport Public Library, and Marc Gartler, Madison Public Library.

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