Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TechSoup Webinars

Learn How TechSoup Can Help Your Organization

Thursday, February 11, 2:00pm EST.

Join content creators, community leaders, and customer service support for a tour of how your organization can use all that TechSoup has to offer to improve your technology and help reach your mission. TechSoup, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is working toward a time when every nonprofit and social benefit organization will have the technology resources and knowledge they need to operate at their full potential.

We'll walk you through the process of registering and requesting donated and discounted products from more than 35 donor partners like Microsoft and Adobe. We'll also take you on a virtual tour of other resources in TechSoup's tech arsenal.


Tele-What? Straight Talk About Telecommunications for Your Organization

Thursday, February 18, 2:00pm EST.

Don't know your VoIP from your POTS or even what these acronyms mean? Scratching your head on all the phone system options out there? Then this webinar is for you. Join us Thursday February 18 at 11 a.m. Pacific for an informative webinar and forums event to help you avoid the buzz-word marketing and get the real picture on telecommunications.

We'll be joined by telecommunications expert and longtime TechSoup star and forums moderator, Chris Shipley of Nutmeg IT and Kevin Lo, Lead Technology Analyst for TechSoup Global.

Our hosts will address the various voice communication options (VoIP, PBX hardware, voicemail) available and how these differ. We'll explore the pros and cons of different solutions, cost considerations, and examine what kinds of organizations would best benefit from different systems.

This live webinar kicks off the official launch of TechSoup's new Telecommunications discussion forum. After the webinar, our hosts will continue the conversation in the asynchronous (not live) forums event. We've gotten the conversation rolling with topics like how telecommunications is changing nonprofit work, Google Voice, and what VoIP services organizations are using. Head on over and post your questions and get expert advice on your telecommunications needs!


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