Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Live vs. Recorded Webinars

A rare post here that is not an actual event, but I thought it was relevant. If you don't wish posts like this in the future you are welcome to comment below.

Tim Bourquin wrote a thought-provoking column talking about his company’s use of both live and recorded webinars. Tim is very open and detailed in his description of how they use webinars to boost awareness and revenue and it’s worth reading as a business use case. But he also brings up two major problems he is running into:

1. People are signing up for live webinars just to get the link to the recording. They never plan to attend the live session.

2. There is no sense of urgency driving people to watch recordings. The indefinite availability lowers the priority of ever watching the content.

Read Ken's response on this topic.

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