Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Live Webinars for September 2011

September webinars. Go learn stuff!

FEATURED WEBINAR: Amazon vs. Apple: eBook Platform Debate

Thursday, September 15, 1:00pm EDT.

Joe Wikert (GM and Publisher, O'Reilly Media)
"This will be like shooting fish in a barrel. When I said I'd like to see a debate about Amazon vs. Apple's ebook platforms and said I'd take the Amazon position I never thought I'd find someone who would represent Apple! Shortly after that, Amazon announced their Kindle Cloud Reader initiative. Wow, yet another point for my case! I have loads of respect for Kassia Krozser but she's got her work cut out for her. I'm very much looking forward to the debate as well as addressing questions from the audience."

Kassia Krozser, (proprietress of BookSquare.com)
"Joe may wish he chose the Apple side! I won't deny that Amazon has many strengths, but they also have an amazing weakness: selective vision. The Kindle platform is based on an old, creaky format. Apple gets the web, and it gets the technology, hardware and software, that runs the web...which, we all know, will expand both our ability to read all kinds of books in digital format *and* our definition of a 'book'."

Sept 1. Is Self-Employment for You? (w/Pat Wagner, Library Consultant)

Sept 1.  Securing Windows 7 and Internet Explorer (O'Reilly)

Sept 7.  Jump Start Your Grant Seeking (TechSoup)

Sept 7.  Every Child Ready to Read (Nebraska Library Commission)

Sept 8. Endpoint-Level Security for Your Library (TechSoup)

Sept 12.  Back to School Special: For Media Specialists (Teacher-Librarians Virtual Cafe)

Sept 13.  The New Volunteer Manager's Toolkit (Volunteer Match)

Sept 13.  Games Synchronous Trainers Play (InSync Training)

Sept 14.  Preserving Digital Content (NISO)  $

Sept 15.  Stop Managing Too Much with Too Little (Pattern Research)

Sept 15.  Books for Boys (School Library Journal)

Sept 19.  Social Media for Social Good  (Nonprofit Tech 2.0)

Sept 20.  Using Market Segmentation to Understand What Customers Really Want (TSL)

Sept 21.  Volunteer Programs (Georgia Library Association)

Sept 22.  Scan and Deliver: Creative User-initiated Digitization (OCLC)

Sept 22.  SLJ YA Fall Announcements (School Library Journal) 

Sept 22.  A Primer for New Managers (Webex) 

Sept 26.  Enhancing Storytimes, Displays, and Programs with Math (TSL)

Sept 27.  Planning for the Unexpected: Natural Disaster (Office Depot)

Sept 28.  Become an Expert Google Searcher (O'Reilly)

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $
Sept 13. Roadmap to JPEG 2000
Sept 14. Return on Investment in a Tough Economy
Sept 15. Creating Social Media Policy for Your Library
Sept 20. Extensible Catalog: Empowering Libraries to Experiment and Build
Sept 21. Check-out eReaders: Sacramento Public Did It and You Can Too
Sept 21. Floating Collections
Sept 28. RDA and Cartographic Materials

Sept 13. Ready for Romance? New Novels and Hot Trends
Sept 22. Acquisition using Specialized Selection and Analysis Tools
Sept 27. Series Nonfiction: What's New for Fall 2011

Sept 8. Video Book Trailers as a Way to Reel in Readers
Sept 14. Location-based Social Networks

Sept 13.  Mystery Fall Announcements
Sept 14.  Maximizing the Mobile Opportunity
Sept 20.  Digital Preservation that Increased a Library's Value

Sept 20. Innovations from America's Best Small Libraries
Sept 26. Putting the Public Back In Public Libraries
Oct 19.  Innovative Use of Skill-based Volunteers in Public Libraries
Oct 25.  Teaming Up with Teens @ Your Library

Sept 7.  Writing for the Web: Today's Best Practices
Sept 7.  How to Captivate and Engage Your Customers with Your Website
Sept 8.  Create an Effective Volunteer Handbook
Sept 15.  Evolve Your Volunteer Program to Include New Roles
Sept 26.  Introduction to Corporate Giving

Ebook Summit.  Full day Online Conference.  Oct 12.  Sponsored by LJ.  $

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