Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Book Programs for Babies

Thursday, August 25, 2:00pm EDT.

In those few moments when a baby relaxes and cuddles in your lap as you read them a book, a wonderful thing is happening—babies learn that books contain words, pictures, and stories that interest them.

You can start teaching early literacy skills to babies without them or their grownups even knowing that that’s what you are doing! Whether you are preparing programs for babies in your library or community center, teaching early literacy skills to daycare providers, or providing support to new parents in an outreach program, a few tips can make your work easier and more productive, as well as more fun and effective for the babies and their adults.

Kathy Kirchoefer has ten years' experiences shaking the "sillies" out of library staff at trainings and inspiring others to develop programs for babies and the grown-ups who love them. Kathy is also the author of Babies into Books, self-paced online course from LE@D.

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