Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Privacy Week Webinar

Thursday, March 31, 2:30pm EST.

A panel of experts speaks on "hot topics" in privacy today, and offers practical guidance and resources for libraries to develop programming that engages the community on these issues.

Privacy topics to be considered will include:

  • The USA Patriot Act and reader privacy: its history, how it affects libraries, its current status and thoughts on its future – presented by Deborah Caldwell-Stone, OIF Deputy Director
  • Airport screening and surveillance: evolving practices of the TSA and how they impact personal privacy – presented by Ginger McCall, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) Staff Counsel and Assistant Director, EPIC Open Government Program
  • Youth, privacy, and social networking: current research on privacy attitudes of young people – presented by Michael Zimmer, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Assistant Professor in the School of Information Studies and co-director of Center for Information Policy Research 

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