Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Live Webinars for April 2011

April Webinars.  Go learn stuff!

April 4.  Screenagers and the Digital Window (Teacher-Librarian Virtual Cafe)

April 6.  Search Engine Optimization Basics for Libraries (Texas State Library)

April 6.  Facebook Features Update (Common Knowledge)

April 7.  Lawful Access: Issues and Challenges for Universities (Educause)

April 13.  Gaming and Literacy: Teens and Tech Series (State Library of Florida)

April 20.  You are Not a Gadget (OPAL)

April 21.  Ten Tips for Effective Mentoring Programs (LE@D)

April 7.  How to attract students' attention in 30 seconds or less
April 19. Working with distributed virtual teams
April 20. From classroom training to high performance virtual delivery
April 27. How to create content that ignites your business

ALA (American Library Association)  All ALA = $
April 1.  Everything you need to know about celebrating El dia de los libros

April 6.  RDA for Copy Catalogers

April 13. Repository Metadata

April 19. So you want to create an interactive info literacy tutorial?

April 20. QR Codes: What they are and how they can help your library

April 21. Job hunting simplified: Tips and Tricks
April 26.  Info literacy instruction at the point of need

April 7. Tackling Tough Topics in Books for Youth
April 12. How Graphic Novels can save your library
April 26.  High Demand Mysteries in Libraries

April 11. eBooks: Publishers and Lender Limits
April 12. Teen Lit Update
April 21.  Accessing and Using Census 2010 Data
April 26. E-Government Questions with Mary Minow
April 27. Reference Interview: Time for a Tune-up

April 14.  Gale World Scholar
April 19. Streaming Video in the Library
April 21.  OPAC on EBSCOHost
April 26. Alma and Ex-Libris
April 27.  Physical and Virtual Services in the Academic Library

Nebraska Library Commission
April 13. Selections to consider for your Book Club
April 20.  Tech Talk
April 27. The Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Training Magazine (Login Required)
April 6.  Motivation for Trainers
April 7.  Best Practices for Distance Learners
April 13.  Engage and Inspire Leaners - Virtually
April 26.  Moving to Story Based eLearning

April 14.  Creating a Web Presence for every Library
April 20.  Working with your Workforce Center
April 26.  Entrepreneurial Librarian: Running the Business of your Library

Trendy Topics Online Conference (All Day)
April 20.  Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, etc. ($)

Florida Library Staff Only
April 8.  Cataloging: New Perspectives (College of DuPage)

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