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Live Webinars: October 2010

Brick and Mortar School Libraries in the Digital Age

October 4, 8:00pm EDT.

Today’s reality is that readers and information seekers are having increasingly less need to visit a physical library to meet their basic information needs. Digital information sources, readily accessed from classroom, home or mobile computing devices, are the choice of many learners and teachers. The “Net Generation” student increasingly prefers the visual and the virtual rather than the printed text. Why, many educators are asking, does a school need a physical library when seemingly all resources can be obtained using an inexpensive netbook and a wireless network connection? How can these large physical spaces in our schools be re-purposed for greater educational impact?

Programs that will get your Teens Involved (Texas State Library)

October 5, 11:00am EDT.

Anime Conventions and Creating Recorded Books are tried and true programs that teens love.  Valerie Jensen of the Chambers County Library System will share logistics and best practices that will ensure the success of your programs - including how to involve teens in planning and hosting.

Cookbooks in the Library (Booklist)

October 5, 2:00pm EDT.

From celebrity-chef cookbooks to the burgeoning interest in organic and sustainable foods, things are heating up in the cookery section of today’s libraries. In this hour-long webinar moderated by Adult Books editor Brad Hooper, Booklist columnist and readers’ advisory librarian Kaite Mediatore Stover and Booklist’s cookery reviewer, Mark Knoblauch, discuss trends in cookbook publishing and the important place of the cookery collection in public library services.

October 5  (LYRASIS)

9:45 AM - 11:00 AM, EDT    
Give Them What They Want? Patron Driven Acquisitions for eBooks
Patron driven acquisitions for eBooks is not a new concept but interest in it is growing thanks to broader adoption of eBooks in libraries and patron expectations, driven in part by consumer experience. Just what are the rewards and risks of the patron driven approach, and are there best practices? In this session, we will provide an overview of concepts and issues from the librarian, patron, and vendor viewpoints and hear actual case studies from librarians who are planning or have implemented successful (and unsuccessful) patron driven programs. Timothy Cherubini, LYRASIS' Program Director for East Region Services and Shared eBook Collections Librarian leads the discussion with contributions from several librarians from the field.

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM, EDT.     
Beyond MARC Records: Patron Discovery of eBooks

What is the most common advice to librarians who are adding eBooks to their collections and want to know how their patrons will find them? Add MARC records to your catalog. Although a wise step, is it enough? Increasingly, discussions of discovery suggest a focus on being where the patrons are, not relying on directing patrons to library catalogs or web pages. With eBooks, the issue is exacerbated as the concept of a "book" and its authority in an online world are challenged. Samual Klein, Wikimedia Foundation Trustee and Director of Outreach for One Laptop Per Child; Mike Sweet, Credo Reference CEO, and librariens discuss the issue in a panel moderated by LYRASIS' Timothy Cherubini.

Buying Library Materials on the Out of Print Book Market (ALCTS)  $

October 6, 2:00pm EDT.

The out-of-print market offers advantages to libraries that are willing to tap into this source of millions of books.  This webinar will explain how the distinctions between the print and out-of-print marketplace are blurring. The presentation will show how the out-of-print market offers potential cost savings and allows libraries to build retrospective collections, and replace missing items. In some cases, purchasing the out-of-print book may be a cost effective substitute for interlibrary loan.

Are you Naked Online? (O'Reilly)

October 7, 1:00pm EDT.

You are exposing yourself every day online. You probably don't know how naked you are and how much sensitive information you display. Learn about the many ways you show yourself to others, what naughty bits they learn about you and what you can do to cover sensitive places. Learn who is straining to peek at you and how those peeping toms profit from your private information.
How to Develop a Social Networking Strategy for Your Organization (NTEN)

October 8, 2:00pm EDT.

After experimenting with social media for the last several years, NTEN is ready to reevaluate and update our social media strategy. Out goal is to sharpen our focus for each of our channels and address how we can better integrate our work in social media with our email, web site, and events. It wouldn't be any fun to do it alone though, so we're inviting you into the process.

Technology Training for Seniors (Texas State Library)

October 12, 11:00am EDT.

Tips and tricks for teaching senior citizens how to use computers and technology to improve their lives.
RoseAleta Laurell has worked with seniors for over 6 years, teaching them everything from email to wikis to Facebook. She will share some of her ideas, inspirations and thoughts on working with senior citizens. Ms. Laurell is the director at the Ingleside Public Library, and has been chosen to participate in the IMLS Western Regional Fellowship: Transforming Life After 50.
Sensibly Incorporating Technology in Today's Classroom (Webex)

October 12, 2:00pm EDT.

Come spend an hour with BookJams author and California's 2007 Teacher of the Year Alan Sitomer as he hosts a webinar on how to sensibly incorporate technology and new literacies.
  • Understanding why the bells and whistles of technology will not replace the need for students to critically read, write and think
  • Seeing how cutting edge tech tools can (and should) coexist side-by-side with projects that can be done by candlelight.
  • Recognizing that successfully incorporating technology in today's classroom BEGINS WITH THE WRITING!
  • Getting comfortable with the idea that technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that there is no more "keeping up."
  • Re-conceptualizing our methodologies so that we can allow students to demonstrate their full capabilities without unnecessarily holding them back simply because we, the educators, do not have the same technological abilities that they, the students, possess.
RDA for Administrators: Managing the Transition (ALCTS)  $

October 13, 2:00pm EDT.

Released in June 2010, Resource Description and Access (RDA) is the intended successor to the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AACR2). At this initial stage, much remains unknown about the impact that RDA will have on library staff, metadata, systems, and services. One thing is clear: adopting RDA will not happen immediately, and will not be uniform across all institutions. Over the coming months and years, libraries will have different timeframes and levels of support for the shift to RDA. Administrators will require accurate information, particularly from early adopters, on what is required to implement the new cataloging code. During this beginning period, while the U.S. cataloging community awaits a formal decision on adoption resulting from the U.S. National Libraries RDA Test process, how do library administrators and cataloging managers begin to think about preparing their staff and their systems for the transition from AACR2 to RDA?

Facebook Features Update (Common Knowledge)

October 13, 2:30pm EDT.

In this interactive webinar, we highlight the newest features released from Facebook, explain their function and role in Facebook, and most importantly dig into why and how they are valuable for nonprofits – for fundraising, marketing, communications, advocacy, events, etc.

Mobile Services for Libraries (Infopeople)

October 13, 3:00pm EDT.

Mobile services have taken off in the United States over the last several years and libraries have struggled to keep pace. This webinar will cover the core mobile services available for libraries to take advantage of, many of them free to use. You’ll learn about the various devices and platform, tips about how to ensure that your paid services are providing mobile-friendly versions, how to make your own core library services mobile-compatible, and how to market your library’s mobile services.

Come away with a checklist of free and quick things to do at your library today, as well as long-term goals for serious mobile library services strategy. Whether you’re new to mobile or an expert user, this webinar will help you identify places where your library can quickly improve its accessibility to your users, no matter where they are.
The Effectiveness of Leaders as Coaches (Webex)

October 14, 2:00pm EDT.

One of the most effective learning methods is when leaders coach their teams - especially leaders of leaders. When teams are dispersed and time is limited, how can organizations maximize learning opportunities for leaders? Join us for this complimentary one-hour webinar, led by Karie Willyerd, co-founder of Future Workplace, who will provide evidence supporting the effectiveness of leaders as coaches, as well as showcase successful implementations of this coaching model.
Is Social Media a Waste of Time and Effort? (NTEN)

October 18, 2:00pm EDT.

This talk introduces a conceptual framework for deciding which social media tools
 and software components will be effective.  It draws on research on user adoption
 and behavioral economics to present a decision making framework that is robust and has predictive value.  It looks at the relationship between social networking, privacy,
 permission boundaries and user adoption.  We will discuss specific social media
 components that audience members would include in their toolset.  Finally, a way to
 think about social media that doesn’t rely on hype.

Reaching Reluctant Readers using High-Interest Fiction (Booklist)

October 19, 2:00pm EDT.

Students can be reluctant readers for many reasons and using fiction and independent reading to engage them can be a great way to bring them into the wider community. In this webinar sponsored by Orca Book Publishers, attendees will hear from presenters in the library and education fields who have had success using fiction to reach at-risk and disengaged readers.

The hour-long presentation will focus on hands-on tips for both school and public librarians and will touch on the research behind the benefits of using fiction in the classroom. Examples of practical classroom projects, such as Read 180 and lit circles, and the insights of a successful publisher of short novels are just some of the offerings in this webinar moderated by Booklist’s Books for Youth managing editor Gillian Engberg.

Create an Interactive Information Literacy Tutorial (ACRL)  $

October 19, 2:00pm EDT.

Although there are numerous examples of Information Literacy tutorials, few of them can truly be called interactive. They comprise of screens filled with text and the “interactive” element consists of clicking from one screen to the next.  This webcast is unique because it will allow you not only to collect practical ideas, but also analyze the concept of the Information Literacy tutorial as a flexible tool that can be used for strategic assessment in the classroom, as well as a stand-alone source for students that provides individualized feedback and the opportunity for review.  This session will detail the experience of the presenter in creating a tutorial from beginning to end in collaboration with a multimedia designer.

Do More with Less: Passive Program (YALSA)  $
October 21, 2:00pm EDT.

Keeping up programming in the face of budget cuts and staff reductions are challenges school and public librarians across the country are facing. Join Gregory Lum, Library Director at Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon and Sarah Ludwig, past Head of Teen and Technology Services at Darien Public Library in Darien, Connecticut and current Academic Technology Coordinator at Hamden Hall Country Day School for a conversation on budget friendly passive programs. Gregory and Sarah will discuss how school and public librarians can plan, design and implement passive programs for their library. Participants in this webinar will learn about passive program ideas and how to turn passive programs into low-cost active programs. 

Developing the 21st Century Leader (Webex)

October 21, 2:00pm EDT.

Countless challenges - notably the rise of global economy and its impact on countries everywhere - have forced leaders worldwide into uncharted territory and redefined what it takes to succeed. Recently, AchieveGlobal completed a worldwide research study to understand what's needed for leaders to be successful today.

Cool New Legal Resources Online (Infopeople)

October 21, 3:00pm EDT.

A stunning array of new sources and tools are available to librarians and the general public. Learn how to guide library users to self-help legal materials written by legal experts. Go beyond Google in searching for reputable legal information, by using specialized legal search engines and tools. Want primary law? It's been enhanced with 2.0 tools that can help your users navigate the arcane waters of legislation, regulations, and more. Finally, it's time to review the difference between legal information and legal advice, to make sure you stay on the information side of the line.
LIFE in the Library: Events to Build Community  (Texas State Library)

October 26, 3:00pm EDT.

Join Claire Gunnels for an engaging and interactive hour packed with ideas, stories, caveats, tips and tricks on how to develop your own branded event on a budget. Discover the basic principles that can be  transferred to ANY type of programming.  Involve your community in your organization.  In just one short hour you will be ready to do it yourself!  

Maximizing Revenue from Selling withdrawn Books and Unwanted Gifts (ACLTS)  $

October 27, 2:00pm EDT.

This webinar will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of four methods of selling withdrawn books and unwanted gifts—book sales, sales to dealers, consignments to Internet vendors, and selling directly on the Internet. The session will provide tips for maximizing revenue and minimizing staff costs. Many libraries could increase revenue, some significantly, by understanding the various options.

Innovating the Live Virtual Classroom (Adobe)

October 28, 1:00pm EDT.

There is a stampede away from the physical classroom, mainly in an effort to lower the cost of training, but this virtual world can leave the learner with a less than satisfactory experience.

In this webinar, Martyn Lewis, Principal at 3g Selling, will share the journey that one company took in offering live virtual training programs that do not simply mimic the physical classroom, but offer the learner a richer experience with more immediate and impactful learning outcomes. Focusing on the critical importance of learner engagement, the webinar will delve into specific topics like production style, program architecture, learning environment and work assignments to uncover the critical role each plays in shaping the learner’s training experience—and by extension, the relative success of the entire training program.

NCompass LIVE (Nebraska Library Commission)

Big Read Discussions @ your library Oct 611:00am EDT.

Oct 2011:00am EDT.
Tech Talk with Michael Sauers Oct 2711:00am EDT.

State Library & Archives of Florida


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