Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting Recognition Right Through Education And Training

Wednesday, September 15, 1:00pm EDT.

How do you educate and train your managers to recognize and appreciate their people the right way? Giving meaningful and effective employee recognition is both an art and a science. The approach leaders take to educating and training this important skill will determine the impact recognition will have on creating meaningful workplaces, positive relationships and, of course, obtaining real results.

This learning event is targeted to HR leaders, recognition practitioners and trainers/ educators and will provide insights and practical steps for educating leaders, managers and employees on giving people “real recognition”.

From attending this event you will learn:

  • Where to really start before designing and delivering a recognition training program
  • How to guarantee effective outcomes and results from your training program
  • Top 10 insights from educating managers across 11 countries
  • Use of the “CNN Effect” on educating senior leaders for gaining greater commitment

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