Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How Benefits Statements Can Help Library Customers

Thursday, September 16, 2:00pm EDT.

Benefits statements describe what your library users accomplish by using the library's services. Strategic plans, collection development, marketing campaigns, what kinds of snacks to put in the vending machines? Benefit statements help you analysis, respond to, and promote your library's impact from the library customers' points of view.

Writing benefits sounds simple, but people who work for a workplace they love can find it difficult to put themselves in the shoes of the people they serve. Instead, employees at all levels think about the features they like. It usually takes some practice to think instead like a customer.

Join us for a practice session with exercises and examples. You will learn what happens when you switch your perspective from "we have a great cookbook collection" to "I wowed my in-laws at the barbecue."


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