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Live Webinars: June 2010

The monthly list of live webinars. (It's like sunshine after a cloudy day.)


Interactive Online Reference Sources (Booklist)

June 1, 2:00pm EDT.

Translation tools, visual search, mobile applications—these are just a few of the features that let the user interact with reference databases in new ways. In this program for librarians in all types of libraries, Sue Polanka, Head, Reference and Instruction, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, and Chair of the Reference Books Bulletin Editorial Board, will talk about the value and potential of interactive features, and representatives from Encyclopaedia Britannica, World Book, ABC-CLIO, and Paratext will demonstrate their newest interactive features and give us a preview of what’s coming next. Don’t miss this look at some of the features that are shaping the next generation of online reference sources.

Cataloging More Icky Things (ALCTS ) $

June 2, 2:00pm EDT.

Starting with a very brief review of how to catalog a book, this webinar will move quickly to focus on cataloging graphic novels/anime, eBooks, songbooks/scores, streaming audio and video, video games, and all sorts of equipment. You will get tips and cheat sheets that will allow you to create a full-level MARC record so that you can move things off the shelves and into your collection.

Designing Outcomes for your Organization (LLAMA) $

June 2, 3:00pm EDT.

Today’s managers - while still required to design organizational statements that articulate the organization’s directions – are now required to write fewer goals and objectives and more performance outcomes for individuals, grants, projects, as well as overall departmental and
organizational outcomes. Performance outcomes – now required for many internal and
external administrators must be carefully designed to be provide realistic pathways to
assessing organizational activities.

June 3, 1:00pm EDT.

Knowing how to find and use E-government resources is critical for patrons who need access to information related to unemployment, food stamps, Medicaid, tax forms, health and housing; and many people are asking their public library to help them navigate this information. To meet these new and increased demands on frontline staff, libraries in Florida are collaborating with government agencies and social service organizations to provide the best service possible to patrons in their state.

June 3, 2:00pm EDT.

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E-Government in Public Libraries: Creating Partnerships
(State Library of Florida)

June 8, 10:00am EDT.

Libraries are improving services to patrons through the development of partnerships with local governmental and social service agencies. This is your chance to learn more about collaborations that have been established by Florida libraries to address the community’s e-government needs. Each partnership you develop leads to another, creating ever-expanding resources for your library. Learn how to put this magic to work!

Effective Data Destruction Practices

June 8, 1:00pm EDT.

Changes in data storage technologies, new Federal and State data privacy regulations and other factors have created an urgent need to have effective electronic records destruction practices. This session will detail the specifics of these changes and how organizations can protect themselves from huge financial liabilities. Having a defined data destruction strategy not only ensures a greener environment, but also ensures that the terabytes of stored data on the hardware are completely and permanently deleted. This session will discuss: legally compliant electronic records destruction policy; effective data destruction methods; degaussing, dismantling and refining; documentation and reporting; hardware & software vendors.

Audiobooks A to Z (Booklist)

June 8, 3:00pm EDT.

In this informative hourlong webinar, Booklist Media editor Sue-Ellen Beauregard and school librarian, Booklist columnist, and Booklist Online audiobook blogger Mary Burkey will be joined by representatives from Books on Tape/Listening Library, BBC Audiobooks America, and HighBridge Audio for an exciting discussion of audiobooks from A to Z, including the latest titles featuring popular readers, how to integrate audiobooks into book club promotions and discussions, finding backlist and crossover titles that fit the bill for summer listening, and much, much more.

Real-World Applications of Semantic Technology (NISO) $

June 9, 1:00pm EDT.

Semantic technologies are slowly opening up a new frontiers in discovery and interaction with content. By tying together related terms, concepts, and data in meaningful ways, we can move beyond keyword searching as the primary means of content discovery in our community. Suppliers of information--both publishers and libraries--need to be aware of this changing landscape and the work that is propelling it forward.

Disaster Response

June 9, 2:00pm EDT.

Once a disaster strikes, the knee-jerk reaction is to rush in and save everything. Rushing in without advance planning puts collections at risk of more damage and staff at risk of injury. This session discusses managing a disaster situation and salvaging collections. Topics covered include:
  • assessment and planning
  • working with a vendor and volunteers
  • handling public relations
  • managing collection salvage

A single-building incident will be used as a case study to illustrate the implementation of a disaster response effort. Lessons learned in this presentation can be applied to disasters large or small no matter the size of the institution.

Adopting 21st Century Technology for 21st Century Parents (Classroom 2.0)

June 10, 1:00pm EDT.

Many administrators and parents find keeping up with technology to be a challenge. Additionally, new parents continue to expect schools to offer more online tools. However, technology does not have to be hard!

Join Principal Joshua Rucker in a discussion of Our Lady of Grace School's experiences and considerations in updating their technology while on a budget. In this webinar you will learn, strategies to determine your needs, ways to do more with less, techniques for parent involvement, and ways to plan for the future.

June 10, 1:00pm EDT.

MERLIN (Maryland's Essential Resource for Library Information Networks) a community created with Joomla (an open source content management system), is Maryland's online learning community for Maryland library staff.

Come and hear how a group of Maryland library staff known as Merlin Community Builders created a collaborative, online space where Maryland library staff can participate and contribute ideas, information, and content. Hear about the triumphs and challenges in creating this learning resource.

Promoting Information Literacy through a Better Designed Learning User Experience (ACRL) $

June 10, 2:00pm EDT.

Information literacy is achieved in the classroom. Librarians design the curriculum used to enable students to develop effective research skills. If done well it results in a memorable learning experience that the student retains. The goal of session is to have attendees embrace the idea of creating a well designed user experience, identifying those factors that contribute to a good user experience, and creatively applying it to the library instruction session.

June 16, 3:00pm EDT.

In this webinar, participants will:
  • Evaluate current service for teens;
  • Share ideas about programs for teens;
  • Take a virtual tour of new teen spaces;
  • Learn how to create an ambience that appeals to teens;
  • Review seating, signage, acoustics, finish materials and
  • Share tips that promote teen involvement;
  • Discover the practicalities and pitfalls of creating spaces for teens.

This webinar will be of interest to public librarians, library planners, architects, teen advisory boards or anyone planning or updating teen spaces in their library.

Christian Fiction Book Buzz (Library Journal)

June 17, 1:00pm EDT.

Christian fiction gives readers characters and situations that demonstrate the growth of faith, the depth and breadth of moral responsibility, the possibility of conversion and redemption, and examples of Christian living for men and women of all ages, races, and cultures. Many libraries are seeing an increased demand for Christian fiction with more readers looking for inspirational and uplifting stories and finding good writing in newly discovered places, contributing to the cross-over appeal of this growing genre. And Christian Fiction publishers are changing with the times to add a wider variety of stories—including grittier, edgier thrillers and steamier romances—to appeal to that expanding readership.

YA Classics (YALSA) $

June 17, 2:00pm EDT.

Join Sarah Debraski, YALSA past president, for a discussion of YA classics. Sarah will highlight YA novels from 1951 -2003, discussing their themes and issues and how YA librarians can connect teens with these classics. Participants will receive a list of 25 go-to titles that they can use for readers advisory or to add to their collection.

Beyond Slideshows: Influence Decisions With Effectively Planned And Delivered Web-Based Presentations (Elluminate)

June 22, 1:00pm EDT.

Presenting online - versus presenting in-person – brings own set of challenges and opportunities. Sure you don’t have to fret about what you’re wearing or if you’re going to trip while on stage, but you do have to think about how to engage and interact with your audience – all while you cannot see them!

Join Webinar expert and author of the new book, The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook, Roger Courville, to jump start your success when planning, designing, and delivering online presentations.


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  • Leaders: Avoid These Fatal Flaws
  • Learning and Knowing are Meshed in Practice
  • Putting the "e" in Learning for the "i" Generation
  • Assessments to Test Staff Commitment
  • Jolt Participants into Awareness and Action
  • Lead Your Learning Organization
  • Real World Approaches to Formalizing Informal Training
  • Story-Based eLearning: Adding Vitality and Engagement


Online Conferences: June 2010 (Day long events)

June 8 - Trendy Topics: The Future of Libraries Register ($)

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