Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Live Webinars for June 2011

June webinars. Go learn stuff!

June 2.  What do eReader Customers Really, Really Want? (O'Reilly)

June 6.  DIY Summer Reading List (Teacher-Librarian Virtual Cafe)

June 7.  Play, Learn, Innovate: An Online Symposium (OCLC/Library Journal)

June 7.  How to Use Social Media to Enchant Your Customers (Wild Apricot)

June 8.  Facebook Features Update (Common Knowledge)

June 8.  Joining TechSoup (TechSoup)

June 16.  Where is Mobile Learning Going? (Training Magazine)

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $
June 1.  Re-engineering the Institutional Repository to Engage Users
June 7.  YouTube as a Research and Instructional Tool
June 10.  Family Programs on a Shoestring
June 15.  Leveling Easy Readers
June 16.  Serving Teen Street Lit Readers

June 7.  Fresh Voices for Teen Readers
June 14. What's New in Audiobooks

June 9.  Copyright Law Update 2011
June 21.  The Census
June 22. Preventing Staff Burnout

June 8.  A Tour of Four New Landmark Libraries
June 14.  Libraries are Essential: Building an Ongoing Connection
June 15.  World Bank Data and Research
June 16.  Craft Essentials

Nebraska Library Commission
June 1.  Using the iPad in Schools and Libraries
June 8.  Booktalks with a Bang
June 15.  Pioneer's Progress
June 22.  23 Things for Professional Development
June 29.  Tech Talk with Michael Sauers

Texas State Library
June 2.  Gaming for Seniors
June 7, 21 & 28.  Providing Services to People with Disabilities
June 16.  Working with Senior Patrons and Technology

June 2.  Cataloging as Collaborative Librarianship
June 14.  Cataloging Efficiencies that make a Difference
June 21.  Foreclosure, Bad Credit, No Job, Oh My!

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