Thursday, June 30, 2011

Live Webinars for July 2011

July webinars. Go learn stuff!

FEATURED WEBINAR:  Spotlight on Mobile Computing.  July 14, 1:00pm EDT.

In this interactive session, Lee Rainie, Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, will discuss the project’s latest findings about how people use mobile devices, including smartphones and tablet computers (iPads). He will describe how mobile connectivity has changed some of the racial and ethnic composition of the online population and shrunken the digital divide. He will also explore how the mobile revolution has combined with the social networking revolution to produce new kinds of learning and sharing environments and how this has changed users’ expectations about the availability of media and information.

Further, he will describe how people’s experience of the Internet is different when people access it on different-sized screens (i.e., small handheld screens versus large desktop screens). And he will consider how the changing media ecosystem is affecting the way people receive, share, and create information.

July 6.  Campus IT Policy: Past, Present and Future (Educause)

July 7.  How Trends in Scholarly Communication are Impacting Academic Libraries (LJ)

July 12.  How to Create Accessible Video (ADA)

July 12.  Ten Tips for Basic Cataloging (LE@D)

July 19.  Using Video to Delivery More Impactful Remote Training (Webex)

July 20.  Social Media Librarians of the Future (WebJunction)

July 20.  10:00am EDT.  Podcasting in the Library (GLA)
July 20.  11:15am EDT.  Library Marketing to Youth (GLA)

July 26.  Book Group Buzzing (Booklist)

July 27.  Finding a Legal Comfort Zone on the Web (WebJunction)

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $
July 7.  Leveling Easy Readers
July 12.  The Library's Role: International Success on Campus
July 14.  E-readers and Your Library
July 18.  Using Scrum to Streamline Web Apps
July 19.  Great Summer Reads to Recommend
July 19.  Classroom Assessment for Information Literacy Instruction
July 20.  Learning Spaces
July 22. Family Programs on a Shoestring
July 27.  Succession Planning and Leadership Development

July 21.  Killer Collections: Libraries Beyond Books
July 26.  Using Data from Lesser Known Censuses and Surveys
July 27. Building Community Partnerships to Augment Adult Services

Nebraska Library Commission
July 6.  The Best of ALA 2011
July 13. What's Happening with Genre Headings?
July 20. Tech Talk with Michael Sauers
July 27.  Designing Library Services to Meet User Expectations

Texas State Library
July 7.  Social Networking with Seniors
July 12.  The Ideal Accessible Community Computer Lab
July 13.  Connecting with your Community via Facebook
July 21.  Outreach to Seniors

July 12.  Nonprofit Newsletters that Engage
July 12.  Successful Volunteer Interview Strategies
July 13.  Measuring Social Media ROE (Return on Engagement)
July 14.  Social Media and Volunteer Engagement

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