Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moving Library Cooperation to Web-Scale


Libraries have been cooperating on cataloging, collection management and resource sharing services for decades. In that time, we have enjoyed the benefits of networked services—no local software or hardware, elimination of maintenance and support costs, lower overall expense and better scalability.

Now, Web scale offers libraries the chance to revitalize traditional services by sharing workflows, activities, data and standards as part of a cooperative.

At these events, you and your staff will:

* Discuss ideas with experts, colleagues and early adopters
* Learn the benefits of moving library services to Web scale
* Take away practical tips on how to fit Web scale into your long-term strategy
* Engage in readiness activities to help you in your planning discussions.

Take this opportunity to find out how Web-scale cooperation can lower your costs, make your services more efficient and improve your users’ overall experience.

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