Wednesday, February 16, 2011

George and Joan on Conflict Resolution Techniques

Tuesday, March 8, 3:00pm EST.

There are many approaches to resolving conflicts. Some of these approaches are positive, resulting in an outcome that moves an idea or a project forward while protecting everyone's self-respect. Others are destructive, leaving people emotionally battered and looking for a chance to get even. And then there's that old tried and true approach: ignoring the conflict and hoping it will go away.

In this one-hour webinar, consultants Joan Frye Williams and George Needham will discuss:
  • Solving disagreements before they escalate into conflict
  • Recognizing when you have a conflict
  • Identifying your personal conflict resolution style, and understanding the styles of others
  • Picking your fights
  • Understanding and ameliorating passive-aggressive behavior
 With their characteristic humor and energy, Joan and George will present real world examples of ways to approach conflict honestly, to find common ground, and to come to a mutually agreeable outcome.

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