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Live Webinars: September 2010

Creating a Virtual Orientation for New Staff (WebJunction)

September 1, 2:00pm EDT.

Orienting new staff quickly to your organization is very important. A virtual orientation could be the key to a timely, comprehensive, standardized introduction to your library system. Discover advantages to implementing a virtual orientation for your workplace. Join us for this webinar, presented in collaboration with the ALA Learning Roundtable, and by staff from the Baltimore County Public Library as they talk about the creation and design process of this valuable Human Resources tool. Presenters include Jean Mantegna, Sandy Lombardo, and Melissa Hepler.

Finding Your Immigrant Ancestors (Ancestry)

September 1, 8:00pm EDT.

Your immigrant ancestor's trip to America is among the most compelling chapters in your family history. Join Juliana Smith for a free online class to learn what you need to know to identify your ancestor in passenger arrival records, places to find those details, and how to discover the story of your ancestor's voyage to America in the records you find.

Imagine You Loved Your Job (Three Giant Leaps)

September 1, Time TBA.

Old fashioned personality tests can be misleading and aptitude tests don’t take into account your values and passions. Three Giant Leaps changes all this with a revolutionary approach to life orientation and career direction. Using a patented formula that has been used in major corporations including MTV and Yahoo, Three Giant Leaps helps executives redefine their careers and discover work that is truly fulfilling.Paul and Laurel, Founders of Three Giant Leaps will be explaining how their revolutionary approach has changed the corporate landscape and is redefining they way educators provide career services to young people.

Graphic Novels: A Gateway for Reluctant Readers (Texas State Library)

September 7, 11:00am EDT.

Graphic novels can be a perfect medium for encouraging reluctant readers of all ages to get excited about reading! Although comics can initially seem less intimidating than a text-heavy work, they can be innovative, beautiful, and thought-provoking. Graphic novels can encourage youth who normally shy away from books to read willingly, even for pleasure!

During this one hour webinar, Kyla Hunt, Library Services Consultant for the Texas State Library & Archives Commission, will talk about how reading graphic novels can help build literacy. She will discuss how and why various types of comics appeal to different reader-groups, from wordless picture books for younger kids to manga for teens. The webinar will end with discussion of program ideas designed to encourage readers to get excited about the world of comics, and eventually, the world of reading.

Content, Focus and Quality in the Library Discovery Experience (LJ & SirsiDynix)

September 7, 2:00pm EDT.

Internet search engines provide access to knowledge and information with speed, convenience, and on a mind-bendingly vast scale. What does this mean for libraries that have seen themselves as a first stop for general reference as well as serious research? What does a library have to offer when the search for entertainment, knowledge, and information almost always begins somewhere else?

National Public Radio’s longest serving librarian, Kee Malesky, will lead a panel of librarians who are demonstrating to their communities of users that the library can provide a context, quality, and audience-focused discovery experience that is beyond what the search engines offer. These three very different institutions from across the country will discuss the strategy, technology, local content, and best practices they are developing to deliver a differentiated user experience.

E-Government in Public Libraries: Legal Information and Resources for Librarians (State Library of Florida)

September 8, 10:00am EDT. (Part 1)

September 15, 10:00am EDT. (Part 2)

Learn more about the resources for locating legal information to assist library patrons with their search for justice in Florida Courts. This two-part webinar will include an introduction to a variety of websites as well as other sources of information. Find out more about legal aid resources in various regions of the state and how to find local resources for your patrons. These webinars will help build relationships that will improve communication between Florida public libraries and the Florida self-help legal aid community.

The online sessions will feature special guests, Gregory J. Youchock, Chief of Court Services, Office of the State Courts Administrator, Supreme Court of Florida; Lori S. Holcomb, Unlicensed Practice of Law Counsel, Division of Unlicensed Practice of Law, The Florida Bar; and Mary L. Dekle, Resource Developer, Legal Services of North Florida.

Creating Accessible Videos for your Website (ADA Online)

September 8, 2:00pm EDT.

Video has become a common means of sharing information about everyday activities and events. Yet, this technology remains largely inaccessible to people with sensory impairments. While there are tools available to facilitate the creation of accessible video content the availability and use of these tools is not widely known and/or understood. This session will review the key features of an accessible video, steps to consider when planning and developing accessible video content and demonstrate how it can be utilized.

Trends in Romance Fiction (Booklist)

September 8, 2:00pm EDT.

Romance fiction is all about love and magic, from a bewitching first kiss to the paranormal realm of vampires, werewolves, and lovers from other worlds. Discover the many facets of this enchanting genre by joining us for a Booklist webinar generously sponsored by Sourcebooks, Inc. and BBC Audiobooks America.

30 Ways to Reach Reluctant Readers (YALSA) $

September 9, 2:00pm EDT.

Jen Hubert Swan, author of Reading Rants! the popular book review blog for teens offers up 30 quick tips for connecting with reluctant readers in 60 minutes. Get display, booktalk and contest ideas and find out what "Roaming Bookmarks" and "Brown Bag Books" are all about. Participants will come away with some great ideas to kick start their programs and collections and help brainstorm some more!

Succession Planning (Webex)

September 9, 2:00pm EDT.

Once reserved for the upper echelons of senior management, today's succession planning is being redefined. The discipline has broadened in both breadth and scope to become a central component of board-level strategy. Succession planning focuses on managing risk and ensuring continuity across all levels of the organization - risk of untimely departures of critical personnel, risk of retirees taking their skills and knowledge with them and leaving nothing behind, and risk of losing high-value employees to competitors. It does so by helping your business leaders identify top performers within the organization, create dynamic "talent pools" of this critical talent that other leaders can leverage, and prepare and develop these high-performing employees for future roles.

A Consumer Health Toolkit for Library Staff (Infopeople)

September 9, 3:00pm EDT.

This webinar will introduce users to the Toolkit and provide an orientation to the many multi-dimensional resources it contains, including core competencies, training resources, collection guidelines, programming ideas and promotional materials. The Toolkit is envisioned as a "living" resource that will evolve over time based on what we learn from its practical applications in the field.

Come learn about how this Toolkit can assist you in your own work and join us in helping to refine it. The webinar is free and will be useful for public and hospital librarians, library staff and anyone who provides health information to members of the public.

FLYP Summer Wrap Up (State Library of Florida)

September 10, 9:30am EDT.

Ahoy, youth services staff! You are invited to dive in and share the best and most surprising events and happenings from your Summer Reading Program. You have worked hard to make reading a splash in summer 2010, so reserve this time to relax and make your own wave. This is the first online sharing session for all youth services staff to learn from peers across the state.

Online Library Instruction to Engage Students and Faculty (ACRL) $

September 14, 2:00pm EDT.

Hone your online instruction skills in a workshop conducted by experts. The University of Maryland University College (UMUC) is a leader in distance education, and its librarians play an active and innovative role in the school’s online classes. During this interactive webcast, UMUC librarians will share practical tips and tools for designing, implementing and assessing online library instruction. This instruction method addresses a variety of learning styles and engages students through active learning exercises. Fostering peer, faculty, and administration buy-in will also be discussed.

The Rural Library Trustee (WebJunction)

September 14, 2:00pm EDT.

How do library trustees get trained? How are director and trustee roles defined to ensure a healthy library organization? How are trustee relationships cultivated both in and outside the library circle? Join us on September 14, 2 pm Eastern, for a webinar exploring these and other questions related to library trustees that will provide you with practical ideas and tactical strategies to support and advocate for your library organization as a trustee, or library director in a small or rural community.

Designing Customized Library Services (Infopeople)

September 14, 3:00pm EDT.

Libraries are famous for their service, but it can be difficult to balance in-depth answers when time is always at a premium. This webinar provides two models for creating detailed patron service. Book-a-Librarian demonstrates a model for 1-on-1 detailed reference service, while BookMatch offers a method for crowdsourced readers' advisory.

Gear Up To Game! (Texas State Library)

September 15, 11:00am EDT.

Get Ready for Gaming Day! National Gaming Day will take place on November 13, 2010. In anticipation of this event, Kelly Czarnecki and Christine Bretz, librarians with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, will share their experiences with teen gaming in public libraries. Gaming as related to literacy and already familiar library services will be discussed. Participants will learn how to start offering gaming programs in their library, which will cover high and low tech options for large and small budgets.

Improving Your Online Presentation Skills (Adobe) Recommended!

September 16, 1:00pm EDT.

Ken Molay, president of Webinar Success, presents tips to help you become a more effective online speaker. Presenting on a webcast or webinar is fundamentally different from speaking in front of an in- room audience. Since you and your audience cannot see each other, your vocal style and the way you interact with the web conferencing software determines how you are perceived.

You will learn how to prepare a presentation that complements the web environment and how to deliver it with confidence and professionalism. Discover ways to consciously adjust your vocal style in order to build rapport with your audience. Identify common presentation errors that can detract from your message.

Employee Retention (Webex)

September 16, 2:00pm EDT.

Bringing new employees into an organization is more than making sure the appropriate paperwork is completed and new workers attend an orientation session. This webinar will address:

  • The importance of a consistent on-boarding experience that extends well beyond the first week of employment.
  • Why an on-boarding approach today should be different from past programs.
  • The strong tie between successful on-boarding and employee retention.
  • The relationship between on-boarding and employee productivity and retention.
  • How an on-boarding program benefits from the use of technology.
This session will include case studies from organizations that have seen measurable results in retention, productivity and acculturation as a result of addressing new-hire needs as a component of their human capital management approach to new talent.

Making the Difference in Discovery
(Library Journal)

September 16, 2:00pm EDT.

Discovery services-with their ability to dramatically increase collection usage, improve user experience, and raise the profile and value of the library-are being examined by libraries worldwide. Today's discovery service products offer a range of solutions, and librarians who have conducted a serious evaluation have learned the difference between web-scale discovery, pioneered by the Summon™ service, and the blended systems that include federated search.

Real Library Solutions Using Competencies (WebJunction)

September 16, 2:00pm EDT.

You've heard the buzz about competencies, but do you have a clear idea of how to use them for your library? Competencies are building blocks, which you can combine in a variety of constructions for guiding staff training, work performance, and other strategies to benefit your library and your staff. Join presenters Sandra Smith and Betha Gutsche as they use case studies to explore the practical application of competency-based staff development efforts.

Entrepreneurial Librarians (UNC & Wake Forest University)

September 17, 12 noon EDT.

Tim Bucknall, the Assistant Dean, University Libraries at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, and the Founder and Convener of the Carolina Consortia will describe how Journal Finder, the first link resolver to go into production in the U.S. was developed from an in house journal linking solution to its current use by 40 libraries in 6 states. It was recently sold to WT Cox, a serials subscription agency.

Jon Obermeyer, Director of External Education and Outreach at Wake Forest University Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and former CEO of the Piedmont Triad Entrepreneurial Network (PTEN), will help you to develop your entrepreneurial ideas and will provide a road map for bringing them to the marketplace.

Keeping Hosted E-mail Secure and Private (Webex)

September 21, 12 noon EDT.

Data security and privacy are top concerns when considering a move to hosted email. Considering a move to an outsourced solution naturally raises questions about:
  • The integrity of data flowing outside the organization
  • Data stored within data centers and who actually "owns" it
  • How data is treated if you leave your hosted email vendor
How can you better understand the security measures and policies that different email providers have in place to protect your organization's sensitive data?

Using Technology to Move Your Small/Rural Library Forward

September 21, 2:00pm EDT.

Feel overwhelmed with new technology? Not sure how your small or rural library can take advantage of new and not-so-new technology? Don’t feel you have time to keep up with keeping up? Then this webinar is for you. Presenters Robin Hastings, Information Technology Coordinator for the Missouri River Regional Library, and Maurice Coleman, Technical Trainer at Harford County Public Library, will discuss best practices for using technology to keep your library connected and up to date. They will also share some of the latest and greatest sites and technology best suited for a small or rural library. You’ll also receive some expert guidance to better evaluate and assess these tools for your library system and your customers, with a focus on small and rural library environments.

Understanding the Research Question (ACRL) $

September 21, 2:00pm EDT.

Participants will learn to formulate and define good research questions, select appropriate research methodologies and design the research study. Specific topics will include, developing useful questionnaires, techniques used in conducting telephone interviews, working with focus groups and constructing surveys to get the information they need. The program will include a PowerPoint presentation and handouts of sample research designs.

The Scoop on Series Nonfiction: What's New for Fall (Booklist)

September 21, 2:00pm EDT.

Series nonfiction publishers are offering more titles than ever this fall, and as they continue to expand into digital formats and approach the curriculum in new ways, it’s more challenging than ever to keep up. In this hourlong webinar moderated by Booklist Books for Youth associate editor Dan Kraus, we’ll hear from five of the top publishers in this booming field: Heinemann-Raintree; Gale, part of Cengage Learning; Weigl Publishers, Inc.; Black Rabbit Books; and Lerner Publishing Group. Besides presenting their biggest fall titles and initiatives, they’ll also give attendees up-to-date information on the latest trends.

Scholarly Research and Source Validation in the Age of Google (Library Journal)

September 21, 3:00pm EDT.

Librarians, scholars, and publishers alike are asking questions about how to manage the increasing amount of unverified content (both good and bad) that is now easily available through our computers. We are all drowning in it. The situation poses a particularly challenging problem in the educational arena, where students and scholars need reliable sources of information. Whether today's researchers are doing initial research for a book, working on a doctoral dissertation, or an undergraduate term paper, it's harder and harder to know what sources to consult. Register now to hear our esteemed panel, moderated by Library Journal's Cheryl LaGuardia discuss this crisis of validation in the Google age, and the new roles that Libraries, Publishers and Scholars play in the culture of information overload.

Copyright Issues in Academic Libraries (Texas Library Association) $

September 21, 4:30pm EDT.

Engage in discussion regarding how to deal with copyright concerns in situations commonly encountered in academic libraries, such as the use of print course packs and content management technology such as Blackboard; electronic reserves; classroom photocopying; and the library’s potential liability for actions of library use.

Circulating E-Book Readers (Nebraska Library Commission)

September 22, 11:00am EDT.

This month, Joyce Neujahr, Director of Patron Services at UNO, will share her presentation, "Circulating E-book Readers at UNO: What we know...for now". In this monthly feature of NCompass Live, the NLC’s Technology Innovation Librarian, Michael Sauers, will discuss the tech news of the month and share new and exciting tech for your library. There will also be plenty of time in each episode for you to ask your tech questions.

Strategies for Self-Service (Library Journal)

September 22, 2:00pm EDT.

Join representatives from three leading libraries who have cost-effectively and successfully implemented self-service in this information-rich roundtable webinar. In today's tough economy, many libraries rely on self-service to offset significant increases in circulation, severe budget cuts, and staff reductions. Are you prepared to effectively implement self-service in your library? Are you confident that you are realizing maximum value from your self-service investment?

Introduction to RDA (ALCTS) $

September 22, 5:00pm EDT.

This introductory webinar on the proposed cataloging rules, Resource Description and Access (RDA), will highlight the critical differences between the current cataloging rules (AACR2) and RDA. It is designed as a primer for both front-line catalogers and library administrators in all types of libraries who need to learn how bibliographic and authority records will change when RDA is implemented. The session would be an excellent introduction to record changes for both original catalogers and copy catalogers.

Note: This webinar will not cover the elements of the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Data (FRBR) on which RDA is based nor will the RDA Toolkit interface be demonstrated.

Celebrating Banned Books Week (Booklist)

September 28, 2:00pm EDT.

Librarians and teachers face more challenges than ever when it comes to defending children’s right to read. In celebration of Banned Books Week, this webinar features a stellar panel of experts, including renowned author and longtime advocate of intellectual freedom Judy Blume, discussing book rating systems, the impact of the Internet on challenges, the effect of censorship on children’s publishing, and how to best prepare for book challenges.

CitizenKid: Change Can Happen One Kid at a Time (School Library Journal)

September 28, 2:00pm EDT.

Are you looking for a way to get your students thinking and talking about how they can make a difference in the world? Join Katie Smith Milway, author of One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference and The Good Garden: How One Family Went from Hunger to Having Enough and Valerie Wyatt, author of How to Build Your Own Country, as they discuss how their books and others in the CitizenKid collection can inform children about the world and inspire them to be better global citizens. School librarian Melissa Swenson will also be sharing her ideas on how to use the CitizenKid series of books in classrooms and libraries.

Innovations in PTA and School Library Relations (Texas Library Association)

September 28, 4:30pm EDT.

Presented by Gloria Meraz and a panel including Naomi Bates, Jennifer LaBoon, and more. Be sure to join school library leaders for a webinar unveiling the tools and resources created to help parents. These resources are part of a repository of reference materials school librarians are designing to help parents in their efforts to support their children’s learning and to become engaged in the school library services. The webinar will also present template materials to help school librarians provide a quick introduction (at formal PTA or board meetings) on the school library program.

Pro-Se and Librarians: Legal Self Help Options (Nebraska Library Commission)

September 29, 11:00am EDT.

Economic pressures and increasing availability of e-government services have increased citizen’s need for help in accessing and using these services. Despite funding cuts, public libraries are increasingly where people turn for help. Much of the need for e-government services relates to legal matters, especially pro-se (meaning representing oneself in court). Beth Goble and Laura Johnson, Nebraska Library Commission and Julie Beno, Lincoln City Libraries will discuss the types of questions librarians may encounter, what librarians can and cannot provide without "giving legal advice", and how the Nebraska Court system works. They will highlight some resources available for helping patrons do their own "legal stuff" or find legal aid services in their area.

Web 2.0 Apps in Technical Services (ALCTS) $

September 29, 2:00pm EDT.

This webinar builds on the lively e-forum discussion Using Web 2.0 Tools to Enhance Technical Services Work held in May 2010. The presentation will familiarize participants with blogs, wikis, tagging, RSS feeds, instant messaging, and Google applications, and demonstrate how they can be used to facilitate communication and streamline workflows in technical services. The presentation will also explain how to overcome some of the pitfalls in adopting new technologies, including technolust, and examine techniques for encouraging employees to adopt new technologies.

mySkills, myFuture: A New Tool for Job Seekers (WebJunction)

September 29, 2:00pm EDT.

As part of the ongoing collaboration between IMLS and the Employment & Training Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL/ETA), WebJunction is hosting this ETA presentation on the new job-seeking tool, mySkills, myFuture. Coming in September, this free online tool will enable job seekers to increase their career mobility and economic prospects. Specifically, the self-paced tool will help previously employed to (1) use their previous experience to identify occupations that they might be qualified for; (2) identify the skills s/he needs to acquire to qualify for a specific job; (3) identify education or training institutions where these skills can be obtained; and (4) provide links to relevant job opportunities in national and state job banks. Libraries will want to add mySkills, myFuture to their resources to help job-seeking patrons in their community.

Virtual Facilitation (Adobe)

September 30, 2:00pm EDT.

Research shows that to be most effective, learning must be engaging, enlightening and enjoyable. That’s especially true when reaching a virtual audience of learners, people who are possibly learning in isolated environments without the same social structure as physical classrooms. But with these tools to help you cross the chasm, facilitators can achieve high performance in the virtual arena.

Join us for this Training Industry Webinar, presented on the Adobe Connect platform, as we help you create virtual classrooms that are exciting, meaningful and relevant. In this captivating webinar, you’ll learn from Cynthia Clay, author of Great Webinars: How to Create Interactive Learning that is Captivating, Informative, and Fun.


Free Webinars by OCLC

September 9 - Managing Collections in a Networked Environment

September 10 - Maximizing the Value of Your OCLC Cataloging Subscription

September 16 - Global Books

September 16 - Maximizing the Value of Your OCLC ILL Subscription


Online Conferences: September 2010 (Day long events)

September 14 - Trendy Topics: Digital Reference ($)

September 29 - eBooks: Libraries at the Tipping Point ($)


Florida Library Staff Only

Libraries and the Mobile Technology Landscape (College of DuPage)

September 24, 12 noon EDT.

Joe Murphy will provide an overview of the emerging landscape of information engagement through mobile technology. He will introduce the major mobile technologies and outline their usage as well as the cultural shifts that accompany their introduction into information society. Joe will lead us through an exploration of the opportunities for libraries to implement mobile technologies to enhance or supplement traditional services and collections, and will explain how libraries can most strategically engage these tools as well as the mobile culture.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Can't Watch a Webinar Live?

Number one comment by far of this blog...I am sometimes/usually/never able to watch the webinars live.

My response. Remember that many webinar providers are generous and will allow access to the recorded event...but you must register.

As an example, see this note from the provider of the School Library Journal webinar below:

"If you are not able to make the live webcast of Nonfiction Book Buzz, register now and you will get an email reminder from School Library Journal when the webcast is archived and available for on-demand viewing at your convenience."

School Library Journal: Nonfiction Book Buzz

Tuesday, August 31, 3:00pm EDT.

Join our panel of children's and teen nonfiction publishers for a fast-moving and fun presentation of their new and forthcoming nonfiction series titles.


  • Dan Verdick, Director of Marketing, ABDO Publishing
  • Jonathan Strickland, Associate Publisher, Black Rabbit Books
  • Chris Nasso, Publisher, Greenhaven Press, Lucent Books, and KidHaven Press
  • Louis Cohen, Principal , Mason Crest Publishers

Moderator: Dodie Ownes, Editor, SLJTeen


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Social Media in the Higher Ed Classroom

Friday, August 27, 2:00pm EDT.

To kick off the new school year, we're bringing you an in-depth webinar presented by Professor Mihaela Vorvoreanu, Ph.D., of Purdue University, about the value of using Web 2.0 in the classroom.

Professor Vorvoreanu will discuss how a variety of Web 2.0 tools were integrated into a series of undergraduate public relations courses taught at Clemson University. She will talk specifically about how each tool was introduced to students and used, the rationale behind their use, and also share data about the impact each tool had on student learning, motivation, teacher relationship, and career success.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Women In Leadership series

Thursday, August 26, 1:00pm EDT.

In today’s world, it’s not enough to be good at your job. Women who secure seats at the top echelons of business use specific techniques for building influence. Beyond delivering exceptional results, they behave, communicate and utilize their power strategically to garner respect. In this session, Selena Rezvani will discuss the best practices that these executive women have used to influence others and progress to the top of their organizations, and how you can become a woman of influence in your company.


September 10. Risk Taking and Success for Women in Business.

October 5. 21st Century Leadership: Why Gender Balance Matters

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New FEL Resources

Tuesday, August 24, 10:00am EDT.

Note: For Florida Library Staff or those who have access to these Gale resources.

This course will provide attendees with an overview of the two newest
Florida Electronic Library resources – Small Business Resource Center and DemographicsNow. Both resources are useful for small business owners and entrepreneurs; Small Business Resource Center covers all major areas of starting and maintaining a small business, and DemographicsNow can help determine who and where customers are. Attendees will learn the most efficient and effective search strategies and tools of both resources.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Creative Commons Licensing

Tuesday, August 31, 2:00pm EDT.

Join Michael Carroll as he discusses how Creative Commons licensing provides intellectual property flexibility to institutions and helps individuals easily manage their creative rights.

Renew your Center for Intellectual Property membership or become a new member — either yourself ($60) or your institution ($500) — by August 23. Then you may attend this free seminar and continue to take advantage of additional member benefits for the next year.

More information

Monday, August 16, 2010

Get The Most From Powerpoint When Building Elearning Courses

Wednesday, August 18, 1:00pm EDT.

Everyone loves to bash PowerPoint. Let’s face it, though: It’s the tool most of us have access to and know how to use. No worries - In the right hands and combined with the right tools, PowerPoint can be a powerful for building creative and highly effective eLearning courses.

Tom Kuhlmann is just the person to show us how to use PowerPoint to its fullest, even to points far past the vision of PowerPoint’s creators. Having spent 15 years developing and managing eLearning projects – and being the focal point for a community of over 60,000 trainers, eLearning developers and instructional designers – Tom’s experience enables him to reveal the hidden power of PowerPoint that most of us are unaware of. He’ll show us tips and course-building techniques that engage learners and are key to accomplishing the organization’s learning objectives.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Google Apps

Wednesday, August 18, 1:00pm EDT.

In this free, hour-long web seminar, "Google Apps at Brown," hear about how Brown deployed Google Apps to its 6,000 students and has now decided to extend the service to include faculty and staff as well. Tune in for more information about how these decisions were made, the options considered, difficulties surmounted, and successes to date.


Monday, August 9, 2010

The Top 10 IT Issues for 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 1:00pm EDT.

Each year, the EDUCAUSE Current Issues Committee surveys the primary representatives of EDUCAUSE member institutions to learn what they feel are the top-10 issues that they face on a variety of fronts: issues of strategic importance, issues with the potential to become more significant, issues that most consume the CIO's time, and issues that most consume financial and human resources.

While the eleventh annual EDUCAUSE Current Issues Survey shows some very familiar themes among the top-10 IT issues of strategic importance to technology leaders in higher education, the underlying context of why these issues are on the list—and the impacts they are having on IT leaders—differ this year. This EDUCAUSE Live! session will present the findings from the 2010 survey, talk about the context for these issues, and discuss what they may mean for IT leaders.


Developing an Internet Safety Program

Tuesday, August 24, 2:30pm EDT.

Is your library considering an Internet Safety Education program? Are you developing programs to teach patrons of all ages how to reduce their risks when working online? Do you have more questions than answers? Join our panel of librarians from across Florida to hear their experiences with developing and implementing Internet Safety Education programs. Stay online to participate in the discussion with other library staff in various stages of implementing their own Internet Safety Education program.

This program will be of interest to library directors and staff who will develop and/or implement the Internet Safety Education program.

  • Renelda Sells, Chief Librarian, Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library
  • Paula Godfrey, Special Projects and Grants Services Coordinator, PPLC
  • Cilla Jacobson, Youth Services Coordinator, Palm Beach County Library System
  • Kathy Tekin, Youth Services Coordinator, Jacksonville Public Library

For more information about this session, contact Youth Services Consultant Patricia Romig at or 850.245.6629.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Virtual Meeting Engagement

Wednesday, August 11, 2:00pm EDT.

Virtual meetings can definitely increase team efficiency and output – if they are managed well. The key is knowing how to engage every attendee – which must be done differently in virtual meetings due to the lack of physical cues.

Join this live Webinar to hear the latest trends and best practices in virtual meetings from virtual workplace experts, Debra A. Dinnocenzo, president of VirtualWorks!, and Jessica Eastman from Citrix Online.

Attendees will learn:

  • Techniques virtual teams can use to share information, leverage team contributions and achieve communication
  • How to lead and participate in virtual meetings to ensure the best results
  • How online tools keep participants focused and engaged in virtual meetings

P.S. NEFLIN Members. Don't forget that you can use NEFLIN's Virtual Classroom (powered by GoToMeeting) free of charge to host meetings, programming, staff training, etc. Contact Patty for more info.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Live Webinars: August 2010

Advocating for Your Library (Texas State Library)

August 3, 11:00am EDT.

With public support for libraries shrinking, it is more critical than ever to have a political advocacy program in place. Peter Pearson will present a plan for creating and sustaining a successful advocacy program for your library. Topics will include creating a powerful advocacy committee, drafting an advocacy platform, meeting with elected officials and sustaining your library’s advocacy efforts year to year.

Partnering with Local Emergency Management (WebJunction)

August 3, 2:00pm EDT.

Presenter Lauren Mandel introduces a new key service role, Get to Know Your Emergency Operations Center (EOC), to the existing Hurricane Preparedness & Response for Florida Public Libraries Project. The Florida-based project helps libraries throughout the U.S. serve their communities through partnerships with fellow responders and become a safe haven, recovery center, information hub and evacuee resource. Learn how this project can inform your library’s disaster preparedness plan and how your library can play an important role in community preparedness and recovery by working with your EOC.

Selecting and Recommending Inspirational Fiction (Booklist)

August 10, 2:00pm EDT.

Inspirational and Christian fiction are tremendously popular genres, but what sort of books are found beneath the arc of these broad terms? For a lively overview of the rich inspirational spectrum, a look at the latest trends, and scoops on forthcoming titles, join this informative and, yes, inspiring webinar.

Best Practices in Library Fundraising (Texas State Library)

August 11, 11:00am EDT.

Peter Pearson will present strategies for implementing a comprehensive fundraising program to support your library. Pearson’s program will be based on the successful activities of libraries and library organizations across the nation. Topics will include: cultivating individual donors, annual campaigns, corporate sponsorships, special events, planned giving and much more.

RSS: Feed Me (Nebraska Library Commission)

August 11, 11:00am EDT.

Keeping up will all of the new (such as blogs & twitter) along with the old (such as search results and news items) information resources can be difficult these days. However, with RSS you can receive “feeds” of new material from many different locations into one easy-to-use Web site or program. In this NCompass Live session, our Technology Innovation Librarian, Michael Sauers, will give an overview of why and how you can use RSS to receive timely information with a minimum of effort.

Helping Job Seekers: Using Electronic Tools and Federal Resources (WebJunction)

August 11, 2:00pm EDT.

Employment and Training Administration (ETA) staff will join us for a 90-minute webinar to provide an overview of the public workforce system and present the electronic tools most helpful to library staff who assist unemployed workers. Attendees will learn how to direct patrons to the right tools for their needs and to find local Workforce System partners.

Tour GrantStation: Your Fast Track to Fundraising Resources (TechSoup)

August 11, 2:00pm EDT.

Join Cynthia M. Adams for a free webinar that offers a short tour of the GrantStation website. Learn how to use the tools that GrantStation provides to help you identify the right grantmaker for any program or project.

How to Make Your Library Entrepreneur- Friendly (WebJunction)

August 17, 4:00pm EDT.

Part of the Libraries and Economic Development Series. During this first session with Christine Hamilton-Pennell:. Learn how important entrepreneurs and small businesses are to economic growth; hear case studies of several public libraries and librarians across the country that have developed successful initiatives to support local entrepreneurs; understand the traits and motivations of library staff who have successfully developed partnerships and service offerings with the local business community; and identify specific steps your library can take to connect with and support your local business community.

Free Learning: Developing No Cost, Online Learning for Patrons and Staff (Georgia Public Library Service)

August 18, 10:00am EDT.

Jay Turner, Training Manager of the Gwinnett Public Library knows that keeping library staff current and up-to-date when valuable resources (time and money) are decreasing can be challenging but not impossible. He uses free and low cost authoring tools to create customized e-learning courses to meet his library’s specific learning needs. Attend this webinar and learn how you, too, might use these tools to your library’s advantage!

Fantasy Football, Flash Mobs, and Fanfiction: Pop Culture Programming in Your Library (Texas State Library)

August 18, 11:00am EDT.

Integrate pop culture into your library’s events! By using elements of the mainstream media in your programs, you can draw in new interests and invigorate your library. In this webinar, you’ll get step-by-step suggestions for creating pop culture programs for children, teens and adults. Get advice on adapting ideas from the book Pop Goes the Library! to suit your community, and discover the pitfalls to avoid in pop culture programming. Book clubs and storytimes are great–but let’s show the world that the library is for fun, too!

Advocacy for Libraries: In our Own Interest (SirsiDynix)

August 18, 1:00pm EDT.

Advocacy has two main goals - to promote the library and to gain support, funding and endorsement of libraries’ roles in our communities and society. Presenter Stephen Abram has been involved in both internationally for his entire career. This session will explore both tried and true methods as well as some of the emerging strategies that are gaining traction.

Continuity of Operations after a Disaster (ALA) $

August 18, 2:00pm EDT.

Ever thought about what would happen if a disaster struck your institution? Would patrons continue to have access to your online catalog and other e-resources? Will staff continue to be employed? The ultimate goal of any disaster-affected organization is to remain operational.

This session will discuss the steps one should take before a disaster to insure continuity of operations and give examples of how institutions continued their services in the aftermath of the Iowa floods of 2008. Lessons learned in this session can be applied to any size institution.

Tech Tips Training Series (Georgia Public Library Service)

August 18, 11:15am EDT.

Join Karen Douglas as she describes various aspects of this highly successful program, including finding trainers, scheduling sessions, necessary equipment, advertising and creating a video recording of the session.You’ll leave with an arsenal of tips for setting up your own version of “Tech Tips” in your library.

YA Nonfiction: Back to the Facts (ALA) $

August 19, 2:00pm EDT.

Get to know YA nonfiction! Join Angela Carstensen, 2010 Chair of the YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults, for a discussion of YA nonfiction. Learn how to collect and evaluate YA nonfiction, and see where the future of nonfiction is headed! Participants will learn where to find reviews, and what blogs, authors and publishers to watch, and will receive a rubric for evaluating YA nonfiction. Angela will highlight recent award-winning and other excellent nonfiction titles and will discuss how the development of ebooks might affect the future of nonfiction.

Teen Book Buzz Fall 2010 (School Library Journal)

August 19, 3:00pm EDT.

How do you satisfy the inexhaustible reading hunger of young adults and teens? Get them something new! Register for this Teen Book Buzz webcast and get the early word on the season’s biggest hits and forthcoming titles that you are just going to have to stock to keep those voracious teen readers happy. Our participating publishers always make it entertaining to hear about their titles, and you’ll get the inside story on authors, read-alikes and next in series news.

Fantastic Fall Fiction for Youth (Booklist)

August 24, 2:00pm EDT.

Temperatures may be starting to drop, but fall reading is hot! Autumn ushers in some of the most exciting youth fiction titles of the publishing season, and this free Booklist webinar will give you a head start on books to watch for from our sponsors, Egmont USA, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Albert Whitman and Company. Middle-school librarian Cindy Dobrez will offer tips on using fiction in library programs and getting kids hooked on reading. Join us for an hour that will get you ready for a new season of reading!

Turning Your Databases into Business for Your Customers (WebJunction)

August 24, 4:00pm EDT.

Part of the Libraries and Economic Development Series. During this second session, Terry Zarsky and Kathleen Rainwater will help you: Identify the best business databases for each type of business question, including Reference USA, Business Decision, All-in-One (EBSCO’s, which includes Business Source, MasterFile, Regional Business News, Newspaper Source) and Business Plans Handbook; locate libraries near you that have business databases available for use. A handout will cover all Colorado libraries with a website.

Digitization & Preservation Symposium (WebJunction)

August 25, 2:00pm EDT.

Guest panelists will address: designing a digital preservation system using a framework that includes all stakeholders, from library administrators to archivists to IT workers to vendors; the difference between access and preservation tools, and why we need to consider both; harvesting social networking websites for preservation; and the organizational “long-view” of preservation resources, technology, costs and policies.

Conducting a Successful Capital Campaign (Texas State Library)

August 26, 11:00am EDT.

Capital campaigns are not rocket science but conducting a successful campaign involves many activities and a lot of hard work. Done well, conducting a successful campaign can go way beyond building a new library building – it can position your library for great fundraising into the future. Sue Hall will lay out all the activities in a capital campaign – including the feasibility study, setting a campaign goal, recruiting campaign leadership, creating a compelling campaign case, soliciting major donors and all the campaign activities.

Going to Your Customer – Outreach and Strategic Partnerships (WebJunction)

August 31, 4:00pm EDT.

Part of the Libraries and Economic Development Series. During this third session, Suzanne Kaller and Colbe Galston provide an overview and tips for how your library can: Assist the business community it serves; create and implement a business outreach plan to a Chamber of Commerce, small business development center, community group or government entity.