Monday, August 16, 2010

Get The Most From Powerpoint When Building Elearning Courses

Wednesday, August 18, 1:00pm EDT.

Everyone loves to bash PowerPoint. Let’s face it, though: It’s the tool most of us have access to and know how to use. No worries - In the right hands and combined with the right tools, PowerPoint can be a powerful for building creative and highly effective eLearning courses.

Tom Kuhlmann is just the person to show us how to use PowerPoint to its fullest, even to points far past the vision of PowerPoint’s creators. Having spent 15 years developing and managing eLearning projects – and being the focal point for a community of over 60,000 trainers, eLearning developers and instructional designers – Tom’s experience enables him to reveal the hidden power of PowerPoint that most of us are unaware of. He’ll show us tips and course-building techniques that engage learners and are key to accomplishing the organization’s learning objectives.


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