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Live Webinars: August 2010

Advocating for Your Library (Texas State Library)

August 3, 11:00am EDT.

With public support for libraries shrinking, it is more critical than ever to have a political advocacy program in place. Peter Pearson will present a plan for creating and sustaining a successful advocacy program for your library. Topics will include creating a powerful advocacy committee, drafting an advocacy platform, meeting with elected officials and sustaining your library’s advocacy efforts year to year.

Partnering with Local Emergency Management (WebJunction)

August 3, 2:00pm EDT.

Presenter Lauren Mandel introduces a new key service role, Get to Know Your Emergency Operations Center (EOC), to the existing Hurricane Preparedness & Response for Florida Public Libraries Project. The Florida-based project helps libraries throughout the U.S. serve their communities through partnerships with fellow responders and become a safe haven, recovery center, information hub and evacuee resource. Learn how this project can inform your library’s disaster preparedness plan and how your library can play an important role in community preparedness and recovery by working with your EOC.

Selecting and Recommending Inspirational Fiction (Booklist)

August 10, 2:00pm EDT.

Inspirational and Christian fiction are tremendously popular genres, but what sort of books are found beneath the arc of these broad terms? For a lively overview of the rich inspirational spectrum, a look at the latest trends, and scoops on forthcoming titles, join this informative and, yes, inspiring webinar.

Best Practices in Library Fundraising (Texas State Library)

August 11, 11:00am EDT.

Peter Pearson will present strategies for implementing a comprehensive fundraising program to support your library. Pearson’s program will be based on the successful activities of libraries and library organizations across the nation. Topics will include: cultivating individual donors, annual campaigns, corporate sponsorships, special events, planned giving and much more.

RSS: Feed Me (Nebraska Library Commission)

August 11, 11:00am EDT.

Keeping up will all of the new (such as blogs & twitter) along with the old (such as search results and news items) information resources can be difficult these days. However, with RSS you can receive “feeds” of new material from many different locations into one easy-to-use Web site or program. In this NCompass Live session, our Technology Innovation Librarian, Michael Sauers, will give an overview of why and how you can use RSS to receive timely information with a minimum of effort.

Helping Job Seekers: Using Electronic Tools and Federal Resources (WebJunction)

August 11, 2:00pm EDT.

Employment and Training Administration (ETA) staff will join us for a 90-minute webinar to provide an overview of the public workforce system and present the electronic tools most helpful to library staff who assist unemployed workers. Attendees will learn how to direct patrons to the right tools for their needs and to find local Workforce System partners.

Tour GrantStation: Your Fast Track to Fundraising Resources (TechSoup)

August 11, 2:00pm EDT.

Join Cynthia M. Adams for a free webinar that offers a short tour of the GrantStation website. Learn how to use the tools that GrantStation provides to help you identify the right grantmaker for any program or project.

How to Make Your Library Entrepreneur- Friendly (WebJunction)

August 17, 4:00pm EDT.

Part of the Libraries and Economic Development Series. During this first session with Christine Hamilton-Pennell:. Learn how important entrepreneurs and small businesses are to economic growth; hear case studies of several public libraries and librarians across the country that have developed successful initiatives to support local entrepreneurs; understand the traits and motivations of library staff who have successfully developed partnerships and service offerings with the local business community; and identify specific steps your library can take to connect with and support your local business community.

Free Learning: Developing No Cost, Online Learning for Patrons and Staff (Georgia Public Library Service)

August 18, 10:00am EDT.

Jay Turner, Training Manager of the Gwinnett Public Library knows that keeping library staff current and up-to-date when valuable resources (time and money) are decreasing can be challenging but not impossible. He uses free and low cost authoring tools to create customized e-learning courses to meet his library’s specific learning needs. Attend this webinar and learn how you, too, might use these tools to your library’s advantage!

Fantasy Football, Flash Mobs, and Fanfiction: Pop Culture Programming in Your Library (Texas State Library)

August 18, 11:00am EDT.

Integrate pop culture into your library’s events! By using elements of the mainstream media in your programs, you can draw in new interests and invigorate your library. In this webinar, you’ll get step-by-step suggestions for creating pop culture programs for children, teens and adults. Get advice on adapting ideas from the book Pop Goes the Library! to suit your community, and discover the pitfalls to avoid in pop culture programming. Book clubs and storytimes are great–but let’s show the world that the library is for fun, too!

Advocacy for Libraries: In our Own Interest (SirsiDynix)

August 18, 1:00pm EDT.

Advocacy has two main goals - to promote the library and to gain support, funding and endorsement of libraries’ roles in our communities and society. Presenter Stephen Abram has been involved in both internationally for his entire career. This session will explore both tried and true methods as well as some of the emerging strategies that are gaining traction.

Continuity of Operations after a Disaster (ALA) $

August 18, 2:00pm EDT.

Ever thought about what would happen if a disaster struck your institution? Would patrons continue to have access to your online catalog and other e-resources? Will staff continue to be employed? The ultimate goal of any disaster-affected organization is to remain operational.

This session will discuss the steps one should take before a disaster to insure continuity of operations and give examples of how institutions continued their services in the aftermath of the Iowa floods of 2008. Lessons learned in this session can be applied to any size institution.

Tech Tips Training Series (Georgia Public Library Service)

August 18, 11:15am EDT.

Join Karen Douglas as she describes various aspects of this highly successful program, including finding trainers, scheduling sessions, necessary equipment, advertising and creating a video recording of the session.You’ll leave with an arsenal of tips for setting up your own version of “Tech Tips” in your library.

YA Nonfiction: Back to the Facts (ALA) $

August 19, 2:00pm EDT.

Get to know YA nonfiction! Join Angela Carstensen, 2010 Chair of the YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults, for a discussion of YA nonfiction. Learn how to collect and evaluate YA nonfiction, and see where the future of nonfiction is headed! Participants will learn where to find reviews, and what blogs, authors and publishers to watch, and will receive a rubric for evaluating YA nonfiction. Angela will highlight recent award-winning and other excellent nonfiction titles and will discuss how the development of ebooks might affect the future of nonfiction.

Teen Book Buzz Fall 2010 (School Library Journal)

August 19, 3:00pm EDT.

How do you satisfy the inexhaustible reading hunger of young adults and teens? Get them something new! Register for this Teen Book Buzz webcast and get the early word on the season’s biggest hits and forthcoming titles that you are just going to have to stock to keep those voracious teen readers happy. Our participating publishers always make it entertaining to hear about their titles, and you’ll get the inside story on authors, read-alikes and next in series news.

Fantastic Fall Fiction for Youth (Booklist)

August 24, 2:00pm EDT.

Temperatures may be starting to drop, but fall reading is hot! Autumn ushers in some of the most exciting youth fiction titles of the publishing season, and this free Booklist webinar will give you a head start on books to watch for from our sponsors, Egmont USA, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Albert Whitman and Company. Middle-school librarian Cindy Dobrez will offer tips on using fiction in library programs and getting kids hooked on reading. Join us for an hour that will get you ready for a new season of reading!

Turning Your Databases into Business for Your Customers (WebJunction)

August 24, 4:00pm EDT.

Part of the Libraries and Economic Development Series. During this second session, Terry Zarsky and Kathleen Rainwater will help you: Identify the best business databases for each type of business question, including Reference USA, Business Decision, All-in-One (EBSCO’s, which includes Business Source, MasterFile, Regional Business News, Newspaper Source) and Business Plans Handbook; locate libraries near you that have business databases available for use. A handout will cover all Colorado libraries with a website.

Digitization & Preservation Symposium (WebJunction)

August 25, 2:00pm EDT.

Guest panelists will address: designing a digital preservation system using a framework that includes all stakeholders, from library administrators to archivists to IT workers to vendors; the difference between access and preservation tools, and why we need to consider both; harvesting social networking websites for preservation; and the organizational “long-view” of preservation resources, technology, costs and policies.

Conducting a Successful Capital Campaign (Texas State Library)

August 26, 11:00am EDT.

Capital campaigns are not rocket science but conducting a successful campaign involves many activities and a lot of hard work. Done well, conducting a successful campaign can go way beyond building a new library building – it can position your library for great fundraising into the future. Sue Hall will lay out all the activities in a capital campaign – including the feasibility study, setting a campaign goal, recruiting campaign leadership, creating a compelling campaign case, soliciting major donors and all the campaign activities.

Going to Your Customer – Outreach and Strategic Partnerships (WebJunction)

August 31, 4:00pm EDT.

Part of the Libraries and Economic Development Series. During this third session, Suzanne Kaller and Colbe Galston provide an overview and tips for how your library can: Assist the business community it serves; create and implement a business outreach plan to a Chamber of Commerce, small business development center, community group or government entity.

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