Friday, March 19, 2010

Webinar Archive: College of DuPage

Replays of many previous College of DuPage Programs are available to view on your desktop via streaming video.

3/12/10 “Information Literacy Education: A National Overview”

2/19/10 “Cataloging: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?”

1/29/10 “Making the Best of a Shrinking Budget: Creative Practices in a New Economy”

11/13/09 “Millennials in the Library”

4/16/09 “An Ounce of Prevention: Health Reference Basics”

4/3/09 “Diversity Beyond the Obvious”

2/13/09 “Targeting the Ages: Programming that Hits the Mark”

11/21/08 "Information Literacy for Life"

11/7/08 "Reversing the Ratchet: Technology Adoption Strategies for Library Workers"

5/9/08 "Tools of Engagement: Attracting and Engaging Library Users"

4/11/08 "Trends, Fads or Folly"

3/7/08 “Library Spaces: Future Needs”

2/8/08 “People Watching with a Purpose”

10/26/07 “Finding the Trends That Matter: Get Your Environmental Scan On”

6/1/07 “Copyright in the Digital Age: An Update"

5/11/07 “The Relevance of Libraries in a Digital Age”

4/27/07 “Library Education: Facing New Realities”

4/13/07 “The Best from the Web”

3/23/07 “Library Transformation: Making It Happen”

2/9/07 “Next Gen Librarianship: Where Do We Go from Here?”

10/27/06 “Best New Technologies: Keeping Up with the Storm”

NEFLIN also has many of these programs on DVD and VHS for our members to borrow through the Multimedia Lending Library ( Permission is given to copy the DuPage DVD or VHS and keep the copy.

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