Friday, May 31, 2013

Live Webinars for June 2013

June webinars.  Go learn stuff!

June 4.  Getting the Most Out of Online Genealogy Sources 

June 4.  Take the Lead on Standards: Common Core and More 

June 5.  Dealing with Non-Traditional Library Materials  $

June 6.  ALA Annual Conference: Make the Most of It

June 7.  Why Google? OCLC Research Briefing

June 12.  Uncovering Free and Low Cost Legal Resources

June 12.  Why Aren't They Reading Quietly?

June 12.  Managing Streaming Media Collections in Libraries  $

June 12.  Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: Working with Wikipedia

June 13.  Web and IT Accessibility Policies in Higher Education 

June 14.  Hidden Treasures: Uncover Rare Gems in Your Institution  $

June 17.  Digital Content Creation and Collection Development

June 18.  Public Libraries: Become a Community Publishing Portal

June 19.  RDA Essentials for Public Services 

June 20.  The Wireless Wave and the Death of Touchscreen

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $
15 events in June.  Click the link if interested.

June 11. Summertime and the Listening is Easy
June 18.  New Kids on the Block 

June 4.  Library Box: Portable Private Digital Distribution
June 6.  The Accessible Website
June 11.  Build Staff Buy-In for Volunteer Engagement
June 12.  Community Led Library Service Development 

Library Journal 
June 5.  Top Building Trends in Library Design 
June 6, 12 & 25.  Data-Driven Libraries: Parts 1-3 

June 4.  Amp Up Your Technology Training
June 12.  Support Patron Learning: Small Spaces/Small Budgets

Wild Apricot
June 4.  Why Winging It in Social Media No Longer Works

June 12.  To Raise More Money, Tell A Story
June 19.  Facilitating Virtual Meetings
June 26.  Using Census Data to Get Grants

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