Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Live Webinars for April 2013

April webinars. Go learn stuff!

April's Featured Event: ALCTS Preservation Series
Apr 23. The Preservation of Family Photographs
Apr 24.  Personal Digital Archiving
Apr 25.  Dealing with Suppliers of Archival Products 

Apr 2.  Federal Government Information: Energy (WSL)

Apr 2.  Take this Job and Shelve It! (WSL)

Apr 3.  Changing Libraries: New Ways of Working (TSL)

Apr 9.  Common Core and the Public Librarian (SLJ)

Apr 10.  Creating E-Books Anyone Can Read (NISO) $

Apr 10.  The Tween Scene at Your Library (CSL)

Apr 11. Winning the Network Traffic Battle (eSchoolNews) 

Apr 12.  Introduction to RDA for Serials (Lyrasis) $

Apr 16.  Aligning Info Lit Outcomes with Institutional Goals (LT)

Apr 18.  The Present and Future of Ebooks (AL Live)

Apr 25.  Make the Library Central to your K-12 School (SLJ)

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $
15 events in April.  Click the link if interested.

Apr 2.  Addressing Bullying Through Books
Apr 4.  What's New in Youth Nonfiction

Apr 9.  Series Nonfiction: Spring 2013
Apr 16.  Weeding: The Basics and Beyond
Apr 11.  What's New in Children's Literature
Apr 16.  What's New in Teen Literature
Apr 18.  Small Claims Court Legal Resources
Apr 24.  People are Talking: Online Reputation Management

Library Journal
Apr 4.  Perspectives on Academic Patrons 
Apr 11.  Some Fine Romance: Spring Titles 2013 
Apr 23.  eBooks: Exploring the Rapidly Evolving Options 

Nebraska Library Commission
Apr 3.  Dig Into Reading: Nebraska's Summer Reading Program 
Apr 17. Teaching Information Literacy for College Readiness

May 1.  What does a Successful Internship Look Like?
Apr 3.  So Many Devices, So Little Time

Apr 10.  Creating a Digitally Inclusive Community
Apr 30.  Extending Access to e-books: New Strategies
Wild Apricot
Apr 3.  The Funding Houseparty: Party with a Purpose

Apr 4.  Measuring Social Media Results
Apr 8.  The New Serial Storytelling Model   
Apr 24.  Five Steps to Mastering Collaboration

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