Thursday, June 28, 2012

Live Webinars for July 2012

July webinars. Go learn stuff!

July 9.  Using Design Research to Support Learning (Educause)

July 12.  Best Practices in Policies and Procedures Documentation (Adobe)

July 12.  Web Design for Mobile First (O'Reilly)

July 18.  Emerging Technologies: Tips and Strategies for Libraries (GLA)

July 18.  Designing Vibrant Libraries (GLA)

July 18 & 19.  2012 ALA Virtual Conference (ALA)  $

July 31.  Managing Special Collections (Library Journal)

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $

7 events in July.  Click the link if interested.

July 10. Nancy Pearl present Book Lust Rediscoveries
July 12.  Book Battle 2: New Book Recommendations

July 10. New Skills: The Key to Career Growth and Advancement
July 12. Fine-Tuning Facebook for Libraries
July 18.  Hack Your Career: Dream Job

Nebraska Library Commission
July 3.  Digital Humanities and the Library
July 11.  Scholarship Student Conference Attendee Report 
July 18. Library in a Dash
July 25.  Tech Talk with Michael Sauers

July 11. Grant Writing for Libraries Serving Children 
July 25. Bridging the Digital Divide with Mobile Services

July 11.  Structuring Effective Meetings in Contentious Settings
July 18.  Organizational Drama: Leadership Perspective on Conflict 
July 19.  The New Volunteer Manager's Toolkit
July 26.  Single Days of Service: Make It Work

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