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Live Webinars: July 2010

The monthly list of live webinars. (It's like good news from a far away land.)


Expanding Your World Through Web Conferencing (WebJunction)

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This webinar will showcase success stories of library staff who are using web conferencing tools to host virtual conferences, produce e-learning activities, collaborate with remote staff, and host virtual meetings. As budgets tighten and as technologies improve, more and more staff are gathering together both online and blended with face2face settings to learn from each other and to get work done. Come hear about the benefits of meeting virtually and learn how a variety of web conferencing tools are being integrated with other technologies and in other settings to overcome both cost and distance.

Successful Social Media Programs at Your Library (Texas State Library)

July 7, 11:00am EDT.

Please join us for another Webinar Wednesday! So you have launched your library into the Twitter-verse! Now what? How do you attract followers? How can you use it to publicize events? Provide new services? Join Meg Canada, Senior Librarian, Social Media and Public Training Coordinator at Hennepin County Library (MN) as she takes you on a tour of successful social media experiences. Meg’s tour will cover libraries and other organizations that have been effective at using Twitter to highlight events, achievements, and services.

What Do Newer Generation Faculty Want from IT Services? (Educause)

July 7, 1:00pm EDT.

IT professionals have paid attention to research on the attitudes, aptitudes, expectations, and learning styles attributed to student generational cohorts, but now those students are returning to our institutions as faculty members. What are the consequences when our former Net Gen and late Gen X customers become our colleagues and have different expectations than their colleagues? UW-Milwaukee Assistant Professor Michael Zimmer and CIO Bruce Maas will discuss the inherent tensions and opportunities in both supporting and getting out of the way of faculty who are "digital natives."

10 Social Media Tips & Secrets (TechSoup)

July 8, 2:00pm EDT.

Social media has dramatically changed how nonprofits and libraries communicate with supporters, donors, and volunteers. Most nonprofits in the United States now use social media in their communications and development strategies, but few have been properly trained on how to best utilize sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Your organization's return on investment (ROI) in social media is directly related to whether your staff fully understands the long-term implications of social media and are knowledgeable of each sites' unique functionality and toolset.

This webinar begins with laying a foundation of understanding the role of social media in the context of Web 1.0 (static web), Web 2.0 (dynamic web) and the coming Web 3.0 (mobile web). After the big picture is illuminated, the webinar will move on to 10 of the most important social media best practices [a.k.a. secrets] that Heather Mansfield has learned from spending over 40 hours a week for the last 4 years on social networking sites. From the basics [how many status updates should I post each day on Facebook?] to the advanced [should we be early adopters of Foursquare?], this webinar cuts through hype and demonstrates clearly where the ROI is – and where it is not.

The Blended Librarian’s Approach to Rethinking Instruction and Redesigning the Information Literacy Initiative (ACRL) $

July 8, 2:00pm EDT.

Gain an understanding of blended librarianship and what it offers to academic librarians seeking to develop new skill sets that will broaden their thinking about instruction. Acquire new ways of looking at collaboration with faculty and non-faculty colleagues in achieving or advancing across-the-curriculum information literacy initiatives. Attendees will be able to apply these ideas to their practice to further the development of their information literacy initiative.

Five Ways the iPad Can Entertain You

July 9, 1:00pm EDT.

In this live, one-hour webcast, bestselling author J.D. Biersdorfer will guide us through the most entertaining apps on the iPad. She'll cover:

  • Books (reading, loading, finding)
  • Photos (slideshows, digital picture frame)
  • Movies (playing, finding, converting your own for the iPad)
  • Music (making playlists *on* the iPad, navigating the Now Playing screen)
  • Maps (directions, digital compass)
Marketing Ideas that Work in Academic Libraries: Pecha Kucha Presentations (ACRL) $

July 13, 2:00pm EDT.

This webcast, offered by ACRL's Marketing Academic and Research Libraries Committee, will provide basic hands-on marketing strategies for academic librarians. Pecha kucha presentations capture the essence of a topic in a short and rapid fire format. During this webcast, six academic librarians will share their marketing success stories. Time will be included for a Q&A session to answer questions and network with presenters and other attendees.

Tech Trends: ALA Annual 2010 (ALA TechSource)

July 13, 2:30pm EDT.

At the ALA Annual Conference, it seems like there's always more to do and see than you can possibly fit into your schedule. No matter how many exhibits you see, how many presentations you attend and how many interesting people you meet, there's always something that you feel like you missed. When it comes to technology at the conference, ALA TechSource has you covered. We're happy to announce that once again, we're hosting a Webinar featuring an expert panel who'll provide a look back at ALA Annual Conference from a library technology perspective. Our panel will analyze and discuss what they learned and what trends stood out at the conference.

E-Government in Public Libraries: Early Voting/Voter Registration (State Library of Florida)

July 14, 10:00am EDT.

Hear from Division of Elections staff about how your library can develop a successful relationship with the Supervisor of Elections. Learn what is required of the public library during Early Voting, and what the public library’s responsibilities are as a voter registration agency.

Return on Investment: The Business Case for Accessibility
(ADA Online)

July 14, 2:00pm EDT.

This session will discuss the myths surrounding accessibility and demonstrate how accessibility benefits a wide range of people. Participants will be able to make a business case for the investment of accessibility.

Risky Business: Teen Services (YALSA) $

July 15, 2:00pm EDT.

Join Linda Braun, immediate past president of YALSA for a discussion of Risky Business! Linda will discuss why risk is important in teen services, how to be smart when building risky collections, how taking risks can help in programming with teens, what the best way is to take risks with technology and how to assess risky situations. Participants will learn how to determine when a risk is a risk worth taking and how capable their library is of risk.

OCLC Web Services (OCLC)

July 15, 2:00pm EDT.

Have you wondered just what a Web services is, and what it would mean to use one? Are you thinking of investing effort into building new systems that rely on Web services, or enhancing an existing service with API-provided data? OCLC offers a variety of Web services which can be used to extend library interfaces and improve user experiences. In this webinar, OCLC developer network product manager Karen Coombs will provide an overview of the Web services offered by OCLC and demonstrate real world applications of these Web services in libraries. Come learn about services such as the WorldCat Search API, xISBN, WorldCat Registry and Identities.

Let's Get Social: Social Bookmarking (OPAL)

July 20, 12:30pm EDT.

Social bookmarking lets you share your favorite websites with others, as well as giving you access from any computer. We'll talk about how and why libraries are using various social bookmarking sites, such as Delicious, Digg, and StumbleUpon.

Foursquare and Libraries: Location Based Mobile Services
(ACRL) $

July 20, 2:00pm EDT.

People everywhere are “checking in” using Foursquare and other location-based social networks from their mobile phones. This interactive webcast will explore this trend of geo-based mobile/social gaming and its impacts on libraries, information engagement, and learning. Learn about the most popular location based social technologies including Foursquare, Gowalla, and MyTown, and become familiar with their uses and features. Discuss how to most effectively use and leverage location based social networks for libraries to enhance library spaces, services, and collections. See demonstrations of the technologies themselves to enhance group engagement and hands-on learning.

Building Trust and Transparency in Your Organization (Webex)

July 21, 12 noon EDT.

To ensure high levels of organizational performance, leaders need to tackle declining levels of trust head-on. The key is to demonstrate the behaviors people most associate with trust. These trust behaviors include greater transparency. This is critical, because people need to see trust in action more than they need to hear about it.

In this webinar, Blanchard Founding Associate Pat Zigarmi and Trust Practice Leader Randy Conley will show you how leaders can improve the levels of trust in their organization by improving transparency and avoiding the behaviors that often trip up even well meaning leaders.

How to Make the Most of WebJunction (WebJunction)

July 29, 2:00pm EDT.

So you've created your free WebJunction member account, browsed the website, but are feeling a bit overwhelmed? Come join this special webinar where you'll discover how to use the tools and resources on WebJunction to find answers and solve problems for your library. Learn how to work collaboratively with colleagues using groups; keep a finger on the pulse of new documents and discussions posted by members; know where to go to ask your own questions and how to share your expertise with other library staff. This session will help anyone who has said, "I know there is a lot to WebJunction, but I just haven't had time to explore."


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