Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 2010 Webinars - Part 2

More live webinars for January. Part 1 of this list.

Big Impact Online Fundraising (Common Knowledge)

January 8, 2:30pm EST.

Internet-based fundraising is the fastest growing channel for nonprofits – even during this down economy. Join us for a unique look at online fundraising, starting with the basics and quickly moving into a look at a host of clever new tips, tactics, campaigns and programs that demonstrate why successful online fundraising is all about innovation.

We'll touch on a diverse set of topics including integrated fundraising, on-boarding, Word of Mouth, Facebook, Twitter, mobile and online advertising. What do all these topics have in common? They represent the most innovative fundraising programs in the nonprofit industry, today.

Drawing from case studies in the health, environmental, animal welfare, veterans, advocacy, higher ed, association, and human rights sectors, we'll lay out practical tips and best practices for building or improving your own online fundraising program.

From ILS to Repository and Back: Data Interoperability (NISO) $

January 13, 1:00pm EST.

While institutional repository (IR) systems are meant to focus on the storage of digital objects, most repositories contain not only objects, but also metadata about those items. One of the main functions of library systems is to help facilitate the discovery of items and content using metadata. Where is the line between IR systems and the discovery and management tools the libraries use to manage their collections? What are some strategies that libraries can employ to integrate these systems? Is anyone having success?

As libraries increasingly become the home to special digital collections and scanned materials, finding simple ways to exchange information and ensure discoverability of IR content will be critical to efficient management of both systems. This webinar will provide attendees with an overview of recent research in this topic as well as real-world examples from organizations who are working toward interoperability.

Social Networking for Advocacy & Activism (Common Knowledge)

January 13, 2:30pm EST.

Social networking is not just about building awareness and educating supporters on Facebook. Increasingly, top-notch advocacy groups are successfully using commercial social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, along with house social networks (social network communities built on the organization's own web site) to reach, engage, and mobilize activists and make real change.

In this new addition to the Common Knowledge Social Networking Series, we'll take a close look at social networking focused advocacy programs at several leading nonprofits. We'll explain the strategy, concepts and best practices employed in each program, and highlight valuable components unique to each program.

An Overview of Website Accessibility (TechSoup)

January 14, 2:00pm EST.

Implementation of web accessibility can seem excessively complicated. In reality, the best accessibility practices dovetail with good overall usability, and are easy to implement via standard tools such as templates and cascading style sheets (CSS). This session will cover topics such as understanding the difference between various accessibility guidelines, avoiding common accessibility errors, when - and when not - to rely on automatic accessibility checkers, and unexpected populations that benefit from accessible websites.

This webinar is best suited for individuals with some knowledge of HTML coding who are involved with ensuring that their organization's website is accessible.

Finding and Keeping Library Jobs (ALA Placement Center)

January 18, 12 noon EST.

Finding the right library job in desired geographic locations and library types can be a challenge. The webinar presenter will explore the best resources among the wealth of jobs and employment research and networking tools available online.

The ‘Finding and Keeping Library Jobs’ webinar is intended for librarians and library paraprofessionals who are seeking employment, planning for future employment, or looking for professional development opportunities to assist in maintaining current employment. No jobs and employment research experience is expected or required.

The webinar presenter, Diane Kovacs, is president of Kovacs Consulting – Internet & Web Training. She has more than 15 years of experience as an online instructor and consultant. Kovacs designs and teaches both web-based and face-to-face courses for a variety of academic institutions and organizations.

Let's Get Social: Photo and Video Sharing (OPAL)

January 21, 12:30pm EST.

We'll look at and discuss photo and video sharing sites, such as YouTube, Flickr, and Picasa. Everyone is welcome to attend this live online event, which will last approximately 90 minutes. If you live outside of Illinois, there is no need to register.

Helping Your Patrons Help Themselves

January 22, 1:00pm EST.

No matter where you are or what kind of library you’re in, times are tough and money’s tight. Your library budgets are most likely getting slashed, and it’s quite likely that your patron’s wallets are a little less thick than they used to be, too. We all know that in dark economic times, more and more people turn to our institutions for help and entertainment, but it’s not always clear how we can best help them – and ourselves – when we have seemingly fewer resources with which to do so. This series of short presentations will hopefully help you brainstorm some creative ways you can add value to the services you provide, without adding more stress to your budget!

Part 1: Helping Your Patrons Help Themselves
This hour long talk will explore a few ways you can help members of your community who find themselves out of work or just looking to better their financial situation. We’ll briefly discuss programming possibilities, a few free technologies that can be of great benefit to job-seekers, and some smart ways to supplement cash flow and manage money.

Partnerships and Collaboration in Tough Times (Infopeople)

January 26, 3:00pm EST.

Tough times call for tough choices, and one of those choices is how to get the most out of every resource at hand. One way to do this is through strategic and intentional partnerships and collaborations. But how do you form these partnerships so that the library, the partner, and, most important, the community all benefit?

In this webinar, Joan Frye Williams and George Needham will discuss:

  • The special challenges and opportunities tough times present for partnerships
  • The difference between partners and donors
  • The five things you need to know before you enter into any partnerships
  • Finding a partner: the hard way and the easy way
  • Tips for convincing people to support collaboration
With their characteristic humor and energy, Joan and George will present real world examples of successful collaborations that have allowed libraries to extend their reach and improve their communities. This webinar should be of interest to librarians, trustees, branch managers, grant writers, and any member of the library community who seeks to work with outside organizations.

Next-Generation Network Security for Schools and Colleges
(eSchool News)

January 27, 2:00pm EST.

This webinar, sponsored by Juniper Networks, will explore new options and opportunities for improving and expanding school, district and campus-wide network security using a variety of new hardware and software solutions. Presenters will include K-12 district and higher education technology leaders who will share their recent experiences with network upgrades and re-designs from both technology and policy perspectives.

10 Tips for Attracting A Large Community to Your Facebook Page (Common Knowledge)

January 27, 2:30pm EST.

Nearly 75% of nonprofits indicate they have a presence on Facebook, and yet the average community size is just 5,391 fans. Starting a Facebook page, group, or Cause is easy. Growing a large base of followers is much more challenging, and few organizations have done it successfully.

In this insightful presentation, we'll review several organizations who've built a large following on Facebook and lay out the strategies and tactics that drove their success.