Friday, December 11, 2009

Writing a Library Behavior Code

  • A teen in the library is bothering other library users.
  • A woman is breastfeeding her baby in the children's room.
  • A man asks for help looking up H1N1, says he has it and then sneezes loudly.

Are these behaviors prohibited by the library's code of conduct? If so, what can library staff legally do to address the situation?

This webinar will benefit participants by helping them draft legally enforceable behavior codes. It offers guidance on reasonable behavior rules, distinguished from restrictions on user's free speech rights. What type of notice must the library give its users about its behavior policies? When is an appeals process required, and what should it entail?

The webinar also looks at the emerging issue of library user behavior at library spaces online in chat, text, blog comments as well as third party spaces like library myspace and flickr pages.

View this archived webinar.