Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Source: Webex

Tuesday, November 10, 12 noon EST.

The High Cost of Doing Nothing: Quantifying the Impact of Leadership on the Bottom Line

Most executives instinctively know that strong leadership is essential for overall organizational success. However, in most organizations, there is a lack of urgency to improve leadership skills driven by a belief that an organization's current leadership capacity--and subsequent performance--is good enough.

But is it?

Analysis by The Ken Blanchard Companies shows that the average organization is forfeiting over $1 million per year in untapped potential because of less-than-optimal leadership practices.

In this webinar, Kathy Cuff and David Witt of The Ken Blanchard Companies will explore the impact that leadership has on employee productivity, employee turnover, and customer satisfaction. By looking at the effect that leadership has in each of these three areas, you'll learn:

  • Where performance gaps occur in most organizations

  • What those gaps cost your organization in bottom line performance

  • How to close those gaps with better leadership practices

Don't miss this opportunity to identify, quantify, and improve the leadership practices in your organization.