Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Live Webinars for February 2011

Inside Google eBooks: The Platform, Partners, and Titles (O'Reilly)

Thursday, February 3, 1:00pm EST.

Google eBooks is a device-agnostic e-commerce platform that helps publishers, authors and retailers reach new, connected readers. Two months since launch, what does Google eBooks mean to you? Test your know-how, refresh your memory and learn the latest about the web reader, apps, retail and reader trends from Google. The fact-filled presentation will be followed by a lively and interactive Q&A session.

  • Abraham Murray is a product manager on Google's Books team.
  • Chris Palma is Strategic Partner Development Manager for Google 
New Teen Titles for 2011 (Booklist)

Tuesday, February 8, 2:00pm EST.

Young adult literature remains one of the most exciting areas of the publishing world, and it’s challenging to keep up with the latest news and books. In this information-packed Booklist Publications webinar, attendees will learn about the year’s hottest YA releases. Booklist’s Young Adult editor Gillian Engberg will be joined by publishing representatives who will fill you in on their leading teen titles for spring and beyond. Sponsored by Egmont USA, Bloomsbury Children’s Books/Walker Books for Young Readers, Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group, and Disney Book Group.

How to be a Great Webinar Moderator (Adobe)

Thursday, February 10, 1:00pm EST.

Supporting the presenters in a webinar seems at first like a simple task: Read an introduction, open and close the session, and look through audience questions. But as a great moderator, you do much more. You make sure that all presenters are prepared and comfortable with the content, the flow, and the technology. You have a presentation plan and are ready to manage the flow and pacing of the webinar. You have contingency plans in place to deal with the potential for technical problems during the webinar. And you have developed your written and vocal communication skills to work with the audience in an assured and engaging manner.

New Spring Titles from Workman (Booklist)

Tuesday, February 15, 2:00pm EST.

In this free Booklist webinar, the staff of Workman Publishing, with divisions including Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, Artisan, Storey Publishing, and Timber Press, preview a wealth of forthcoming books that will appeal to a wide range of library readers, from fiction lovers to hobbyists to gardeners.

What you Don't Know about LinkedIn (Office Depot)

Tuesday, February 15, 4:00pm EST.

Measuring Learning's Impact on your Business (Elluminate)

Wednesday, February 16, 1:00pm EST.

This session will highlight six approaches that practitioners can use to measure learning's impact on the business.  The approaches range from the use of ‘smart sheet' evaluations to glean reasonable indicators of learning's link to business results to a highly statistical causal model that creates an optimization roadmap of the correct inputs that drive results oriented outputs.  In between we will explore the use of benchmarking, conditional questions, consultative templates and correlation analysis to reasonably yet credibly show how learning influences a business or behavioral outcome.  In addition we will underscore the session with the use of concepts like Six Sigma applied to L&D to optimize performance and minimize defects.

Self-Service in Libraries: Lessons from the Retail World (Library Journal)

Thursday, February 17, 1:00pm EST.

NCR, the world leader in self-service technologies has helped more than 150 retailers in over 25 countries achieve cost efficiencies and improved customer service through self check-out. Company experts will share valuable lessons learned from studies done in retail environments covering:

• Customer Experience: Human Interaction and Reaction
• Optimized Placement and Configuration
• Target Utilization
• Dashboard Metrics to Measure Success 

ALA (American Library Association)
Feb 2 & 9.  RDA and AACR2 Compared.  ($)
Feb 17.  Homework Help Programs.  ($)
Feb 22.  Online Library Instruction to Engage Students and Faculty. ($)
Feb 23.  Creating a User-Centered Website for your Library.  ($)

Feb 17.  ADA Update.
Feb 22.  Introduction to Digital Storytelling Communities.
Feb 23.  Teens, Tweens, and Social Networking.
Nebraska Library Commission
Feb 2.    Collections for Your Community.
Feb 9.    Accessing Courts through E-Government.
Feb 16.  New Basic Skills.
Feb 23.  Tech Talk.

Feb 3.    Spring Nonfiction Book Buzz.
Feb 8.    Spring Teen Book Buzz.
Feb 22.  Spring Nonfiction Announcements.

Feb 4.    Google Documents.
Feb 11.  Google Presentation.
Feb 18.  Google Spreadsheet.
Feb 25.  Google Forms and Drawings.
Feb 2.    E-Rate for Beginners.
Feb 15.  Library Reading Incentive Programs for Summer and Beyond.
Feb 23.  2010 Access to Learning Award.

Trendy Topics Online Conference (All Day)
Feb 16.  Geo-Based Social Networks: FourSquare, Gowalla, MyTown, and more. ($)

Florida Library Staff Only
February 4.  Free Content for Library Collections. (College of DuPage)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Upcoming Webinars from Library Journal

Thursday, January 27, 2:00pm EST.

Libraries are often a community hub, the place where everyone is welcome and where everyone can not only find the information they need, but also seek solace and support. In short, libraries are an essential part of any thriving community. In this first of a three-part series of webinars for library staff.

Thursday, February 17, 12:00noon EST.

NCR, the world leader in self-service technologies has helped more than 150 retailers in over 25 countries achieve cost efficiencies and improved customer service through self check-out. Company experts will share valuable lessons learned from studies done in retail environments.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Digital Preservation: E-Forum

January 19-20, 2011, 9:00am - 5:00pm EST.

Although you may not think it, digital preservation touches all areas of library services. Incorporating this ever-expanding area of responsibility leads to challenges in resource management, as well as change management. But what is digital preservation and why do library staff from acquisitions to reference need to care? This e-forum will explore how digital preservation impacts each department, and will ask participants to discuss what policy and technology steps their library has taken to steward digital objects over time.

  • How do you define digital preservation? Does that definition differ in other units of your library, especially IT departments, administration, and public services? How can you bridge that gap between what you know to be true and what others think to be true?
  • Digital preservation is a relative newcomer to library's responsibilities. Are your libraries addressing it? How? To what extent is their commitment? Think resources (people, funding, space, technology), buy-in (passing phase or programmatic change), administration (change is happening at the top or the bottom or somewhere in between)? Can you think of other areas where commitment is needed? If your institution is not committed to DP, any ideas for how to get commitment?
  • Do you feel professionally prepared to deal with digital preservation? How so? If not, what do you think you need to better prepare for this challenge?
  • Do you think digital preservation is something you, in your particular position, need to care about? If you say no, we think we can convince you otherwise. :)
  • We're currently introducing video preservation and have found there is a steeper learning curve than expected. What types of digital files do you feel are the most challenging for preservation and why?
  • How do you think cloud computing will impact digital preservation? Or will it?
  • Are you employing preservation metadata? If so, how and what kind? Why do think this is an important aspect of long-term management of digital files?
  • Cataloging vs. metadata? Digitization vs. Digital preservation? Storage vs. active management?
  • When does preservation begin? End?
  • Social networking preservation? Should we put resources toward capturing Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace? Why or why not?
  • What is the biggest challenge you are facing related to DP? How are you approaching it? Is it working?
  • Any DP success stories? Any DP failure stories?

What is an e-forum?

An ALCTS e-forum provides an opportunity for librarians to discuss matters of interest, led by a moderator, through the e-forum discussion list. The e-forum discussion list works like an email listserv: register your email address with the list, and then you will receive messages and communicate with other participants through an email discussion. Most e-forums last two to three days. Registration is necessary to participate, but it's free.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SkyRiver Cataloging Solution

Curious about new cataloging solutions? Join LYRASIS for a free 1-hour webinar on January 27 at 1 p.m. Eastern. You'll learn about SkyRiver, and hear directly from 3 public libaries that have already switched to this new cataloging solution. Space limited to 100.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What Technologies Work Best in Libraries?

Wednesday, January 19, 10:00am

(Georgia Public Library Service)

In today's environment librarians are constantly bombarded with new and emerging technologies. These technologies can run the gamut from smart phone applications to enterprise-wide systems. How can we decide which technologies are the best, which ones to keep an eye on, and which ones to avoid? During this session we will talk about decision making and apply it to technology.