Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Live Webinars for January 2011

Wikipedia in the Classroom (Educause)

January 5, 1:00pm EST.

Very few educators have thus far used Wikipedia as a teaching tool in their classrooms, but this is beginning to change due to the Wikipedia Public Policy Initiative. The Wikimedia Foundation launched the Wikipedia Public Policy Initiative in fall 2010 in order to find new ways to incorporate Wikipedia into higher education environments. In the fall 2010 semester, 13 classes from 10 universities participated by developing various assignments that incorporated Wikipedia editing as a main component, with many more signing up for the second iteration in spring 2011.

In these classes, professors and trained ambassadors worked together to develop assignments that achieved the learning goals of the professor while contributing to the development of new content on the free encyclopedia. Though the first classes to receive ambassadors focus on developing mainly public policy–oriented pages, one of the program's end goals is to develop a model that can be expanded to other disciplines.

Social Networking to Your Advantage (ADA)

January 11, 2:00pm EST.

Social networking sites, like Facebook, are all the rage, but can they really improve your work place productivity, visibility, and connections? This session will discuss which social network sites are accessible and might work best for you. Case studies from users with disabilities will and practical strategies will be given.

Become a PowerPoint 2010 Rock Star (Elluminate)

January 20, 1:00pm EST.

Want to know what’s new in PowerPoint 2010? Then check out these tips and tricks from Tom Kuhlmann, author of the Rapid E-Learning Blog.  Tom will show off some of the new features that make PowerPoint 2010 one of the best and most versatile software applications out there.  Whether you build presentations, develop elearning, or use PowerPoint to create graphics, you’re sure to benefit from this boatload of practical tips and tricks.

Battle Bullying with Books (Booklist)

January 25, 2:00pm EST.

Bullying is a hot-button topic, and while kids and adults alike acknowledge the distressing problem of peer intimidation, it remains a pervasive issue. Join Booklist Publications for an hour-long webinar on how high-quality children’s and young adult literature can help prevent bullying, including a presentation by James Howe, acclaimed author of The Misfits (2001).

Reader-Friendly Library Design (Texas State Library)

January 25, 3:00pm EST.

We have had some fantastic new library buildings created round the world in the last 25 years.  Many of us, however, work in buildings which are not quite so great - what can we do to offer our customers a better experience?  Rachel Van Riel will talk about designing library interiors that work for readers.  How can we find out what people want?  How can we design libraries which are tempting for customers, drawing people into the space and encouraging them to linger and browse?  Rachel will present evidence of changes in patron behaviour in the UK and illustrate how a reader-centred approach to library layout can help to meet new needs.  Putting readers at the centre of your design may change the way you organise and promote your collections as well as your space.  It will probably change the role of library staff too.  If you are seeking a new look for your library, join this webinar to discover a fresh approach.

Summer Reading Outcomes Measures (Infopeople)

January 26, 3:00pm EST.

Details TBA.
Measuring the ROI of Online Learning (Adobe)

January 27, 2:00pm EST.

With today’s economic environment, integrating online learning technologies as part of the learning and development process seems like a reasonable strategy. By bringing learning to the desktop, not only do you reduce delivery costs, but your organization’s carbon footprint as well.  But when it comes to the bottom line, does online learning, really result in a positive ROI?

Join Patti Phillips, Ph.D., president & CEO of the ROI Institute, for this Training Industry, Inc. and Adobe webinar. You’ll interact with Patti in this hands-on program as she shows you how you can measure the return-on-investment for your online training programs.

Jan 19.  Finding Savings in the Collection Budget. ($)
Jan 19.  Financial Literacy @ Your Library. ($) 
Jan 20.  Technology Programs for Every User. ($)  
Jan 26.  Copyright and Contracts: Moving Beyond Text in IRs. ($) 
Jan 26.  QR Codes and Libraries. ($) 

Jan 5.   Emergency Preparedness for Public Libraries.
Jan12.  Internships: A Good Fit for Your Library?
Jan 26. Tech Talk with Michael Sauers.

Jan 18.  Best Small Library in America 2010.
Jan 25. "Geek the Library" Public Awareness Campaign.
Jan 27. Understanding Unemployment Insurance and Its Impact on Library Customers.

ASCLA Virtual Convergence Webinar Series
Jan 18 - 21.  22 different Topics! ($)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Copyright Webinars

I don't post NEFLIN webinars, but I decided to make an exception. I haven't seen many online webinars regarding copyright, so I am going to provide the details for our upcoming copyright series.


Note: It is suggested that you attend the first three webinars and then the Issues course that is applicable to your library.

Wednesday, January 26, 2:00 - 3:30 pm
Copyright laws can be confusing. What are the guidelines for librarians, patrons, faculty, and students in the age of the Internet? Gretchen McCord - librarian, attorney, and copyright consultant - will cover some crucial tips for making the right decisions. Later programs will go into details in different areas of copyright.

Wednesday, February 23, 2:00 - 3:30 pm
Librarians and library users rely heavily on fair use on a daily basis. Everyone has an idea of what constitutes fair use and most of those ideas are a mix of correct and incorrect information. Learn not just what factors go into determining what constitutes fair use, but learn how to actually apply those factors in making a determination of fair use.

Wednesday, March 23, 2:00 - 3:30 pm
Although there is no separate copyright law for the Internet, generally speaking, applying copyright to the Internet and social media offers its own particular challenges. Learn how to work through those often confusing and complicated situations so that you can best help your library and its users to exercise their rights without crossing risky lines. This session will also address law that is specific to the Internet, such as certain aspects of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


Wednesday, April 6, 2:00 - 3:30 pm
Engage in discussion regarding how to deal with copyright concerns in situations commonly encountered in public libraries, such as the ability of the library to publicly display or perform different types of works, whether F2F or online; making archival copies; copying works from one medium into another; and the library’s potential liability for actions of library users.

Wednesday, April 20, 2:00 - 3:30 pm
Engage in discussion regarding how to deal with copyright concerns in situations commonly encountered in
school libraries, such as the conditions under which the school or library may show movies to students; copying works from one medium into another; classroom photocopying; and the library’s potential liability for actions of library users.

Wednesday, April 27, 2:00 - 3:30 pm
Engage in discussion regarding how to deal with copyright concerns in situations commonly encountered in academic libraries, such as the use of print course packs and content management technology such as Blackboard; electronic reserves; classroom photocopying; and the library’s potential liability for actions of library users.

Pricing per Webinar:
NEFLIN Members: Free or $25 (depending on membership category)
Non-Members: $50

Friday, December 10, 2010

ASCLA Webinar Series in January

On behalf of the Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA), I am thrilled to announce that registration is now open for our upcoming webinar series we’re calling the 2011 Virtual Convergence.

Throughout the day, from Jan. 18 through Jan. 21, we’ll be offering webinars on a variety of topics relevant to all types of libraries and library job functions.

It’s an opportunity to take a few hours at the start of the year to focus on you and the knowledge that will help you improve your job performance, enhance your library’s service delivery or take your career in a whole new direction—all from the convenience of your computer at a very reasonable price.

Registration for a single session starts at $40 for ASCLA members. Save $$ when you sign up for more than one session.

More information is available at the ASCLA website: 

  • “Grant Writing 101”
  • “Presenting Topics to People who are Autistic, Deaf, Disabled, and Non-Disabled”
  • “Teaching Ophelia: Assisting At-Risk Teenagers”
  • “Why Reinvent the Wheel? Tools for Serving the Fast-growing Teen Population”
  • “Knowledge Management: Process and Tools for Convergence”
  • “Using Learning Objects to Enhance Distance Reference Services”
  • “The Disability Experience in a Post- 2.0 World: Implications for Libraries”
  • “Contract Librarianship: Concepts and Strategies”
  • “Accessibility 101: Assure That Your Library Is Welcoming & Usable for Persons With Disabilities”
  • “A Copyright Policy Update on Access to Information for Persons with Print Disabilities”
  • “Public Computer Conundrums: Policy and Program Choices That Improve Patron Outcomes”
  • “How to Build a Bridge: Connecting Different Types of Libraries”
  • “Starting a New Library for At-risk Young Adults in a Digitally Divided Community”
  • “Libraries and Information Access for Differently-able Patrons: What We Can Do to Ensure Equality”
  • “Extending Our Reach: Using Extension Programs to Promote Statewide Resources.”
  • “Attracting Latinos to the Library: It’s All About Relationships”
  • “Conducting Successful Virtual Meetings”
  • “Careers in Federal Libraries”
  • “How to Find a Federal Job”
  • “Managing Library Adult and Family Literacy Programs”
  • “Resume Writing and Interviewing Techniques”
  • “Saks Fifth Avenue Service on a Dollar General Budget”
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